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    My boyfriend & I are planning to travel the US from March-August. We are from NY and planning on heading south first then family is very nervous because my boyfriend is black and I am white....they really are scared. Is there any areas that we should avoid? We are planning to visit National Parks, we will be traveling in a van and staying in cheap-free places along the way. I also wonder after we finish the west which way would be a good route to work our way back east.

    We are very excited and wish you all happy traveling.

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    Welcome to the forum!

    Issues regarding race/color and safety have been discussed here before. You might do a search to read through previous discussions. Quite frankly, I don't think there is any area that you need to worry about avoiding. The bad news is that there can be racists most anywhere. The good news is that these neanderthals are a small minority and will rarely cause anyone any problems.

    I think the same rules for personal safety apply whether you are a mixed-race couple or not. Simply be aware of your surroundings, don't go into places that might not be safe, and don't get into arguments with anybody.

    In the rare case when someone might make some kind of hateful comment, I would suggest that you just ignore them, get in your car, and leave. I really doubt that will happen but, if it does, it's better to be safe than to stick around to prove a point, isn't it? It's unlikely anyone with the bad manners to make a comment is going to change their mind just because of something you or your boyfriend might say anyway.

    I have known several people of color who have travelled extensively in the US without problems. I would imagine you will have the same experience.

    As for routes, if you're going south, then west, I'm guess this means you will be traveling to the west coast via southern routes. On the way home, you might enjoy the northern route. There are several northern routes. Which one is right for you dependson what you want to see and do. Maybe you could give us some idea of the types of things you want to see and we could give you better advice.

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