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Salt flats
James Teitelbaum
Salt flats
November 23 , 2007
On the Road with... James Teitelbaum
Tiki Bar Expert & Author of Tiki Road Trip

Silence and Vandalism on the Loneliest Road in America
Headed east out of Reno on U.S. Route 50, James Teitelbaum encounters a wasteland. Here, on the "Loneliest Road in America," he ponders solitude, modern rock art and nature's speed bumps. His venerable jalopy barely survives the trip, and Teitelbaum counters the strange attractions of the desert with a wild, primordial scream...[Read the article.]

Walnut Canyon Dwellings
Suzanne & Craig Sheumaker
Walnut Canyon Dwellings
October 21, 2007
On the Road with... Suzanne & Craig Sheumaker
Authors of
America's Living History - The Early Years

Beyond the Grand Canyon: 4 Sensational Side Trips
Many road trippers head into the Southwest with a single mission: to see the Grand Canyon. They are so intent on looking out over the Canyon's grand vistas that they skip other attractions along the way. Suzanne and Craig Sheumaker have a different mission: to introduce four of the Canyon's close neighbors and give visitors reason to pause a little longer in this extraordinary region...[Read the article.]

The Doors' Office & Recording Booth
Chris Epting
The Doors' Office & Recording Booth
May 20, 2007
On the Road with... Chris Epting
Pop Culture Historian & Author of Led Zeppelin Crashed Here

Top Ten Rock and Roll Places
Rock and roll, despite its infamous reputation for mayhem and property destruction, has a surprising number of historic landmarks that didn't just survive-they thrive. Given rock and roll's status as a genuine, homegrown American product, like baseball it enjoys a growing number of wanderers who love hitting the road in search of the landmarks that define the art (myself included). So as a sampling from my new book, here are my Top 10 hits; ten places every rock and roll connoisseur should hit at some point in their travels…[More]

Santa Rosa, NM
Troy Paiva
Gas station in Santa Rosa, New Mexico
April 29, 2007
On the Road with... Troy Paiva
Photographer & Author of Lost America

Photo Safari: 4,360 Miles in Five Days
At last, the mega road-trip I've been waiting for. The run begins southbound from my suburban San Francisco Bay Area home on a warm Saturday morning then due east at Bakersfield. Alone, I am chasing the ghosts of the American road, wandering the western highways for as long as I can, covering as many miles as I can. Before I know it, I've driven 975 miles in 14 hours...[More]

SPAM Museum
SPAM Museum in Austin, Minnesota
May 14, 2006
On the Road with... Chris Epting
Author & cultural historian

A Few of My Favorite Things...
As summer approaches, we begin the always-fun task of looking over maps deciding where to drive off and explore. What is it that we want to see? What do we want the kids to experience? Will it be a return to a favorite place, a new exploration or a combination of the two? We all have our stories of classic must-visit sites that we pass along to each other and so I thought I'd take a little space here to recommend a few places I discovered while researching and writing my latest book, The Ruby Slippers, Madonna's Bra and Einstein's Brain: The Locations of America's Pop Culture Artifacts. ...[More]

Shibe Park site
Former site of Shibe Park in Philadelphia
April 17, 2005
On the Road with... Chris Epting
Author & cultural historian

There Used to Be a Ballpark...
So what if gas prices are high? To a road tripper, that merely means being a bit more selective in where you choose to go. So with the weather warming up, what better time to start planning those spring and summer road trips? For a baseball fan, there's no better time to grab a map, a good guidebook, and friends or family to set off in search of baseball, both past and present...[More]

Sniffen Court, immortalized on the Doors' "Stange Days" album


March 13, 2005
On the Road with... Chris Epting
Author & cultural historian

Dancing in the Streets... of New York
The birth of Rock and Roll may have taken place in Memphis (or Cleveland), but New York City can still claim many great landmarks tied to what Muddy Water's referred to as "the baby that the blues had" -- rock and roll...[More]

Randy's Donuts
Randy's Donuts in Inglewood, California

December 12, 2004—
On the Road with... Chris Epting
Author & cultural historian

A Taste of Pop Culture History
It's no big secret. Going out to eat can be made more of an adventure when you opt for interesting, offbeat places. Nothing against the big chains, but isn't it more fun to tell people you ate a corn dog at the place where the corn dog was invented, as opposed to a Wienershnitzel? But location plays a big part in just how easy it is to visit such gastronomically hallowed places. Thankfully, the country is dotted with many such spots, making it more convenient than you might imagine. Few regions can challenge Southern California in terms of number of places to experience kitschy, historic eats. That's due in large part to how fast the car culture exploded here in the '40s and '50s. Innovative, crazy food concepts were hatched almost daily to try and sway hungry motorists. Today...[More]

Lisa Calvi, Garry Sowerby, Bill Rumsey, and Stew Yule unload recycled materials to build a house in Mount Athabaska, Quebec

September 12, 2004—
On the Road with... Garry Sowerby
Adventure Driver & Author of Sowerby's Road

Mission Green on the Move
I bent down to pick up a tattered piece of Styrofoam.
"You hit the mother lode!" George, a retired IBM executive, yelled across one of the main roads through Prince Edward County, Ontario. My stomach heaved at the sight of hundreds of black ants covering the underside of the crumbling piece of packing material. I imagined the explosion of debris as the piece broke up on impact when it had hit the ditch. I expected to be somewhat grossed out at what I encountered as I swept the ditch for trash, but legions of ants, I had not anticipated...[More]

Scott Stanton
Scott "The Tombstone Tourist" Stanton

July 25, 2004—
On the Road with... Scott Stanton
Author of The Tombstone Tourist—Musicians

Memphis to New Orleans: More than just Graceland
For the true fan of music, specifically blues, jazz, gospel, and zydeco, there are no two cities that encompass a more exciting and varied music scene than Memphis, Tennessee, and New Orleans, Louisiana. Linking these two historic cities via highway 61 through the fertile (both musically and agriculturally) Mississippi Delta offers the adventurous road trip vacationer the perfect antidote to those "all inclusive" resort packages. We begin our adventure in Memphis, Tennessee, home of big band legend Jimmie Lunceford, blues legend Furry Lewis, piano great Memphis Slim, and some guy named Elvis...[More]

July 18, 2004
On the Road with... James Teitelbaum

Tiki Bar Expert & Author of Tiki Road Trip

Tiki Wonder of the Far North: The Camelot Resort

Southern Canada... 200 miles north of Toronto. North Bay residents think of their little hamlet as being part of southern Canada (just barely: it is nicknamed "the gateway to the north"). Aside from being a picturesque vacation spot that gets busy during July and August, the area is probably best known as the place where the Dionne quintuplets were born...[More]
Chris Epting

June 20, 2004—
On the Road with... Chris Epting
Cultural Historian & Author of James Dean Died Here
Are We There Yet? Some Thoughts on Family Road Trips from a Father on Father's Day
It is one of the great, if not the great American question. Metaphorically, many of us challenge ourselves each day to achieve what we set out to accomplish in life. Spiritually, emotionally, financially, and on, we wonder, Are we there yet? More specifically, it is of course the instinctive question posed by generations of children when traveling, especially when road tripping. (Did children in covered wagons ask this?) When on a family road trip, the question doesn't quite affect my or my wife's nervous system the first several times it's posed. It's when it enters triple-digits that I think we both start to zone out. But that's okay. After all, what would a family trip be without...[More]


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