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  1. Default First time couple road trip Phoenix/Grand Canyon/Yosemite/Death Valley/Vegas ??


    We are a couple planning a road trip for our wedding/honeymoon!

    I was hoping we could get some advice as it will be out first time in the US and our first road trip. We are moving to Arizona too so that's why we are leaving from this point and we would appreciate any advice anyone has as I think we have been too ambitious!

    Here's the itinerary (for August hopefully)

    Day 1:
    Phoenix - Grand Canyon
    Grand Canyon - Route 66 West towards LA
    Overnight in Motel somewhere along route 66 (unsure where)

    Day 2:
    Head West to Barstow (route 66)
    Barstow - Yosemite (route 99?)
    Overnight in Yosemite

    Day 3:
    wedding at Glacier Point!
    Day 5:
    hike half dome

    Day 6:
    Yosemite - Death Valley (stop at ghost town of Darwin)
    Death Valley - stop at various points for photos/sight seeing
    Death Valley - Las Vegas
    Stop at Chicken ranch/biker bar etc
    Overnight in Vegas Hotel (strip)

    Day 7:
    Visit vegas sign
    Visit neon graveyard/boneyard
    Las Vegas - Hoover Dam
    Hoover Dam - Phoenix

    Pleas let me know what you think! We will be in a convertible mustang (My fiance has always dreamed of driving across the US in a mustang) and probably will want to stop to take some self portraits of us as a couple at scenic points with landscapes (I'm a photographer)

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    Oh and we are from the UK!

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    Default Cool. [Yet hot]

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    I'm a little unsure as to where LA comes into the picture on day 1 ? If you just mean that you are heading west for an overnight stop and your next stop is Barstow then I would recommend staying as close to the GC as you can and maximise your time there and then head towards Barstow next day. You can't beat staying in the GC village area, but it's not that budget friendly. Tusayan is the nearest town and further down the road is Williams.

    From Phoenix I would recommend heading north on US 89 from Flagstaff and enter the canyon from the east entrance along Desert View Drive [64]. There are many viepoints along here as you make your way towards the village.

    Day 3:
    wedding at Glacier Point!
    WOW ! My favourite spot on earth. Congratualtions !

    Day 5:
    hike half dome
    Have you a permit ? They are limited in numbers as I understand it and most popular. No worries if not, there is plenty to amaze you around Yosemite.

    Yosemite to LV via Death Valley will be a long day on the road and leave you little time for sight seeing. What I would suggest you do is leave Yosemite around lunch on day5 [if poss] and take your time over the Tioga Pass [CA120] It's a big part of the Yosemite experience with much to see and admire. You could stop the night around Lee Vining or Bishop. I know there is a nice hike from Tenaya Lake to Clouds rest, [located on Tioga] but can't remember how long that would take. You might want to check it out if you don't have any luck with Half Dome.

    I think it will be a great trip, but mind that sun in a convertible in the desert areas, it will be extremely hot !!

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    Thanks for your help!

    Its really useful information, I dont have a permit, entered the lottery for the half dsome but was declined so I'll enter again a few days before when more places open up!

    yep I meant just heading towards LA. We have decided to see how far along R66 we get and keep a list of recommended motels along he route so we know where to stop when we need to. I expect there's lots of tripadvisor type info on these!

    As or the sum we will be getting some hats and factor 50 sunscreen for the drive as the last thing we want is to end up with bright red faces for the weeding haha!

    Can you recommend where I might buy a good road map for the US by state? Whats the most accurate/reliable brand of map? Also does anyone know how large the trunk/boot on a mustang convertible is?

    thanks again!

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    If you click the Maps tab on the Title Bar above, you'll see an entire section for paper maps. I'm a fan of Rand McNally's Atlas for value, but I've never really found a current map that wasn't reliable. You could also check with the auto club in your home country, if you are a member.

    There won't be a ton of extra cargo space in the Mustang, but with 2 people, it shouldn't be a problem as long as you aren't going too crazy in the luggage department.

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    Default Or locally.

    The AA do paper maps of each State in conjunction with their American counterparts [AAA] and if you are a member, it would be worth you checking it out. If not, [like us]we simply went to our Local book stores [or W.H. Smiths] and if they were not on the shelf, they could order them in. [AAA, Insight Maps and so on] We found these maps detailed enough to get around with, but also printed off some more detailed maps from National Park Web pages and town maps etc and made notes to help us along.

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    Darwin, Death Valley, California.(Day 6)

    By coincidence a few days ago was reading a BBC report about the few remaining hardy and resourceful folk who live in Darwin.

    Maybe they are in a remote place but they are finding their dial-up internet service too slow and wish to be connected to the fibre cable which runs not too far away along the highway. Interesting to read a sign displaying no Gas or Services. The folks must travel a fair way to stock up at a supermarket.

    I wish them every success in their efforts

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    Default Brothel on your honeymoon? Sounds interesting!

    Quote Originally Posted by cxxxxxxx View Post
    Stop at Chicken ranch/biker bar etc
    The Chicken Ranch is a brothel -- it's not really a biker bar. There are some outstanding biker bars in the Las Vegas area. One is this one in the little town of Goodsprings -- the Pioneer Saloon. I also like Hogs & Heifers Saloon downtown.

    But if you really have your heart set on visiting a legal brothel on your honeymoon -- Sheri's or the Chicken Ranch are both OK... One of our articles here.
    Quote Originally Posted by cxxxxxxx View Post
    Visit vegas sign
    We love the sign too. Here's more about it!


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