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Plan the Road Trip of Your Dreams:
7 Keys to a Great Adventure

Get a Planning Map!1. Getting There is All the Fun
If you are planning a road trip, your journey has already begun. Don't forget to enjoy the anticipation!

Tip: Get a map of the area you'll be traveling in and hang it on the wall. (Make sure it's one you can write on or poke pins into.)
Route 66 2. It's Your Trip
Tools to help you abound, but only you know how much planning you need to feel comfortable, and what your goals, vehicle, schedule, and budget are. Remember to consider your traveling companions, too!

Tip: Check out How to Plan a Great Road Trip and identify your road trip style.
Organize Your Stuff!3. Get Ready to Gather Information
Suggestions come from many sources. If you're looking for ideas you won't find in a guidebook, tell everyone you know you're planning a road trip!

Tip: Set up files to store info on your computer, and organize a box or file drawer to hold printed materials and maps.
Join the Community!4. Participate in the Great American Road Trip Forum
You'll find a friendly community here, with members from all over North America and the world, eager to answer questions and give advice.

Tip: To post messages on the forum, you will have to register, but you're welcome to read postings without registering. You can also use the forum's search utility to find exactly what you're looking for. Questions? Just ask the moderator.
5. Use This Site, Other Sites, and All Available Resources
Even though many Web sites provide automatic trip planning utilities, none offer everything you need at the click of a mouse. Use them as additional resources, but don't expect them to take the place of your own research. Take advantage of the materials and services your local library and auto club may offer.

Tip: Use RTA's Guide to Online Trip Planning Utilities, and browse our Links and Finds pages for helpful sites we have hand-selected. Check out Book Reviews for the best road trip books, videos, and audiobooks.

Hit the Road!6. Hit the Road!
At last, the moment you've been waiting for...

Tip: Remember that getting there is all the fun, even if your trip takes some unexpected turns. After all, that's when a trip becomes an adventure.
7. Endless Highways
The trip doesn't have to end when you're back in your own garage. Share your experiences, and become one of those marvelous people who helped you back when you were just starting out! And, of course, begin planning your next trip...
Interstate 70, Colorado


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