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    Default Vancouver to Pittsburgh Mid November

    I'm planning a road trip from Vancouver to Pittsburgh around the middle of November (trying to get there before Thanksgiving). Anyone have any suggestions on the fastest / easiest way to do it. I was planning on travelling I-90 / I-94 most of the way. Just worried about the weather since I will be driving in an Acura RSX -- fast but probably not the best for winter weather. ;) I was hoping to do the trip in about 4 - 5 days.

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    The weather could be OK, or it could be horrible. There's no way to predict it at this point. Other than that, your stated route would be my choice, and your timing is probably OK as long as you don't plan on stopping anywhere in between. 4 to 5 days is pretty much a "just driving to get there" kind of a road trip. Check back here for road conditions starting a week or two beforehand and see how it is shaping up. Bob

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    That trip in that amount of time will certainly be a speed run. My first bit of advice would be to leave a few days before you have to be where you're going. While there is no way to predict the weather this far in advance, there is a fair good chance of running into a major snowstorm somewhere along this route, and if you run into one, you'll really just need to wait it out. I-90 would be the fastest route, but check the forecast after your first night on the road. If you can avoid weather by taking I-94, that would certainly be worth considering.

    As far as your trip itself, you're looking at a 2700 mile journey, so even at 5 days you'll be looking at 8 hour days behind the wheel.

    Over 5 days you'd probably want to plan to make it to Idaho or Western Montana the first night, followed by stops somewhere around Gillette, Wy, Sioux Falls, SD, and Chicago. If you trim it down to 4 days, you'd probably be looking at stops around Bozeman, MT, Rapid City, SD, and Madison, WI.

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