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    Default Montreal - Boston - Washington D.C. advice needed

    Hello everyone, I'm new to this forum but it seems that there are a lot of experienced people here who are willing to help. Here 's my plan, driving from Montreal to Boston then to Washington D.C. , then come back to Montreal. I've got 6 days for this trip, and in Boston i'm staying at a friend's place. I know it's a little tight, but i wanna see D.C. after visiting my friend in Boston. I was wondering if i'd be able to find a cheap place to stay in D.C., a camp site not too far from the city would be ideal. Also, since it's a long drive, i'm interested in seeing more stuff on the road. What would you guys recommend stopping by on the way ? Any thoughts or advice would be really appreciated. Thanks !

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    Default Boston to DC

    it depends on what type of sights your looking to see along the way. When your driving from Boston To washington DC you'll be passing all the major cities along the east coast (I 95 takes you through NYC, Philadelphia, Baltimore) if your loooking for the more popular places on a cheap budget, check out times square in NYC, independence mall in Philadelphia(where the declaration of independence was signed, plus thats the historic district there, a lot of historic buildings), and baltimore harbor. All the museums in DC are free but close early. I live in philadelphia and everytime i go to DC i just spend the day and drive back(its only 3 hours away) When heading into DC take the park and ride, its near impossible to get reasonable parking, much cheaper and easier to take public transportation. theres tons of advice for that on any DC travel site. Since i've never camped out near there I can't really give you advice on where to go, but i know there are places nearby. Hope this helps

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    Thanks a lot Ed . Historic sites would be my primary interests.

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    You might enjoy camping at the KOA just outside of DC. They have free shuttles to take you to the DC transit system so you can go where you want. They also have guided tours from the campground. I've never stayed there but most KOAs are pretty nice.

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