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    Default Is it safe for an Asian couple to do roadtrip?


    My girlfriend and I are planning to drive from Vancouver, BC to LA in December. (a 14 day back and forth trip) Here are some of my concerns and I would greatly appreciate if anyone could provide some clues.

    1. Would it be less safe for Asians to sleep in the car at those truckstops?

    2. We're planning to borrow my uncle's Volvo XC90 for the roadtrip. Would it be less safe (in terms of attracting a bad guy) since it's a better car? (say I park in front of my room if I chose to stay in a budget motel)

    3. Would it be safer to stay close to citycenter instead of some rural area along the I5?


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    My answer would be no for all of your 3 questions. Asians are everywhere and especially on the west coast and there are bad people everywhere too. But America is huge and your chances of hitting a "bad guy" are still thin, most of the people I met on the road were very friendly and caring. I met lots of Japanese, Korean and Chinese folks in the National Parks throughout the States and many of them barely spoke a word of English:-) and, to my knowledge, none of them got teased.

    As for the car, of course it is more tempting for someone to steal a nice car but they have to consider that a better car often means better alarm system so I wouldn't be to worried about that issue. Just use common sense don't hang out in obvious dangerous places. Personnally, I don't think cities are safer, I tend to prefer rural areas, but each options has its inconvenients.

    Have a great trip!


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    I agree with Gen!

    I know lots of Asians who live here and travel many places without incident. I stay in lots of budget hotels and drive a New Beetle. I've never had a problem. I've seen nicer cars like BMWs at budget hotels that are unscathed in the morning. And, yeah, I think rural areas are safer than cities but cities are relatively safe as well.

    I'm a big one on following your instincts on this. If you are somewhere and you pick up vibes that make you nervous, follow your instinct and go to another place. Don't be paranoid but be aware.

    You should be fine. Have a great trip!

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    Default The car's too nice

    Oddly enough, your car may be too nice to be stolen. I know that sounds wierd, but consider that most cars are stolen to be resold (either whole or for parts). The most popular cars to steal, then, are the most popular cars sold, in particular Toyotas, Hondas, Nissans, and, in the US, light trucks. There's not a single Volvo model in the top 100. Now, it's also true that some nicer cars are stolen to order. But if some thief is looking for a fancy Volvo, they're probably not going to be looking at motels.

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    Default should be fine

    I would agree with Gen and Judy. I do not know which part of Asia you are from, but all along the route you plan to drive, you will come across a lot of Asians. People in rural areas tend to be more helpful.
    Just chk for snow and be prepared for that.

    Its a nice drive and I am sure that you are going to enjoy it!

    Happy roadtripping!


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