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    Default Brits on US roads

    Hello all,

    I have a little problem, I would really like to go on a great American road trip when we are in the states in a few weeks time and Iím having a little trouble convincing my friends to come along for the ride.

    I was hoping to travel by car from Phoenix - Las Vegas and then from Vegas to San Francisco a week or so later.

    Can you guys give me some inspirational stories, or sites to see along these routes?



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    What are their objections to the ride?

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    James_Stenning Guest


    Not to sure to be honest, I would have thought the open road in a big amercain car would appeal to anyone.

    I would guess though the time compared to flying is one reason and the sheer need to start gambling is the second.



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    How about flying from Phoenix to LV then driving to SF? The route depends on time of year, the passes over the Sierras close in the winter. Do you want to see the mountains or the coast more? A nice drive from LV north would be over to 395 then take one of the passes, Tioga in Yosemite perhaps, and cross the central valley to SF, if you have a week to do this you could go a bit further north and see some of the great coastline north of SF. You could also go south of the mountains and drive the coast up to SF which is also spectacular. What kind of sights do you like? Cities, museums, mountains, ocean, desert? All are available.

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    There's another route you could go: Go north from Las Vegas up highway 95 which is along the western side of Nevada that goes through Goldfield (an old mining town), past Walker lake, and into Reno, NV. Then go east to San Francisco on route 80. 95 is not traveled a lot like the interstates, and there's some interesting towns along the way. And, since they're in Nevada, all have gambling. 95 splits off at Fallon, NV, and then you could take 50 west, and go through Virginia City, another old mining town. You could go to Lake Tahoe, and then take 80 west to SF. Food for thought.

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