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    Default Best time of year for East to West coast

    My husband and I are planning a trip from the east coast to the west coast. We are planning to stay in some hotels and maybe some tent camping along the way to save some money. What time of year is best for this type of travel? We were thinking late August and September. We have 4-6 weeks available for time to travel. Any suggestions?

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    Default Fall

    I'd say September into October is about perfect. Its late enough in the year so typical tourist season is dying down, the weather is cool, but not too cold to camp and just starting to get comfortable again in the deserts, and when you get out west the passes will still be open. Not to mention, if you time things right, fall colors are always nice.

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    I am planning the same trip with a friend and would love to know how you got on?

    Do you think you chose the right time of year to go? How long did it take you? Would love some advice from someone who has done the trip. Did you find good places to stay?

    Many thanks,


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    Default Late Summer -- Early Fall is just about perfect

    I have done a dozen or so cross continent jaunts.
    Would love some advice from someone who has done the trip.
    It entirely depends upon how long you have for the trip. If speeding your way is the goal, you can do it in 4-5 days, on the other hand it could easily take 4-5 months (It really depends upon what goals and expectations you have for your own adventure).


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    Default Welcome

    Welcome to the RTA Forum, Rosa.

    Soozcna hasn't been active on the forum in about 2 years, so I don't think you'll get a response from her, however there are many many threads with peoples threads and experiences that should help give you a good frame work.

    And of course, if you have any questions, don't hesitiate to ask.

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