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    Default First time Tripper, need tips for West Coast.

    Decided to make a life style change. I am extremly attached to my bed and shower. I need to throw myself out there and "find myself." I've had enough of school and work, but am nervous about traveling without set plans. I don't want to spend money besides gas and food, but I know that it will be tough for me not to get to sleep in a bed. I am looking for reassurance and tips about the west coast. Are there hostils, camp sites, places to park and sleep in my car. It would be ideal to meet beautiful conscience people along the way that help out and add to my desired experience. I really just want to travel with a library in the back of my truck and read, and converse, and learn every where I go. It's all about the love and sharing information with others. I don't know what to expect. Please respond.

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    it is illegal in oregon and wash to park overnight in rest areas etc. most koa's will let you sleep in your car at a tent site although it varys so i would call ahead to get a general idea of what is available over there. rest areas are risky anyway most truck stops are safer if you really need to catch a few zz's if you read through some of the posts you will get some more ideas camp sites are cheap and usually have showers etc stick to the coast hwy 101 the whole way and you will have an unbelievable scenic drive

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    Default Videos and Books

    The most expensive aspect of road tripping is generally fuel related -- both human (food) and vehicle (gasoline/repairs) in nature. As far as tips for finding inexpensive places to hang -- Two suggestions:

    Look at the resources page for international visitors -- there are a couple of references for hostels ( and watch the video produced by John Holod -- His video was targeted at RV'ers but is chock full of ideas for any road tripper. "Baja RV Adventure".

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