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    Default Competition time. The 32nd Tioga pass prognosticator. Winter closing 2021.

    Welcome to the 32nd Tioga pass prognosticator and your chance to win a free tank of petrol for your road trip ride !!

    ***All you have to do is correctly predict the date the Tioga Pass will close for the 2021 winter season!!***

    It's been an uncertain time for travel due to the pandemic, but one thing for sure is that Mother nature will take charge and close the Tioga pass to vehicles sometime during the winter months, but when ?? The Tioga Pass is one of the most scenic drives in the American west and is part of California State Highway 120 (CA-120), which crosses the Sierra Nevada in Yosemite National Park, but due to elevation and winter snow accumulation it will become impossible to drive across for long periods during winter. If you predict the correct date you could win a free tank of gas for your road trip ride, if you get within an hour of the official closing time you will also receive a bonus prize !! It doesn't matter how you arrive at your prediction, you can use a crystal ball, study data or just take a wild guess, all you have to do is follow the rules as set out below.

    So have you got what it takes to become the newly crowned TPPC ?? (Tioga pass prognosticator champ)

    The Competition

    ***Please read the entry rules carefully***

    To win this prize, the date must be posted** on this Forum more than or equal to fifteen (15) days prior to the official Tioga Pass Road CLOSING date. (**Your "date" and time must be identified in a post on this thread...**)
    * Further, you must identify a particular date in your post.
    * Further, you must identify a particular time in your post (date and time is required for the winning entry).
    *If you manage to identify the correct closing time within 60 minutes.... you'll receive an additional surprise gift from RTA.
    * A single calendar date can only be claimed by one member. If two or more members chose the same calendar date, and that date proves to be the "Winning Date", the prize will go to the member who "claimed" the date the earliest in this contest period.
    *The official date for this Tioga Pass Prognosticator contest tracks with Pacific Time (USA), so no matter what date it might be in your local neighbourhood, the date used for this contest will be the same one used by the officials at Yosemite National Park for Tioga Pass.

    When you have identified your prediction in your post you must "Ping the Poll" at the top of page (This is done by completing your poll selection).

    ************Forum Moderator, Dave Gomm, (Southwest Dave) is the official Sheriff and Chief Wrangler for this contest and his rulings as to the naming of the winner are final, (& they also could be arbitrary & capricious) Got a beef? Or a question? Take it up with him...

    If you are not familiar with Tioga pass just take a look at these contrasting images from the same web camera !!

    Here are some links that may help you to gather information on previous years and current conditions.

    Official Tioga Pass Closings in recent years:

    2020 competition was suspended due to the pandemic.
    2019.November 19th
    2018:November 20th
    2017: November 14th
    2016: November 16th
    2015: November 1st
    2014: November 13th
    2013: November 18th
    2012: November 8th
    2011: January 17th, 2012
    2010: November 19th
    2009: November 12th
    2008: October 30th
    2007: December 6th
    2006: November 26th
    2005: November 25th
    2004: October 17th
    2003: October 31st
    2002: November 5th

    Here is a link to the official Yosemite Opening and closing dates page.

    Yosemite webcam for a view of whats happening right now !.

    And here is a link to the previous 10 Tioga pass closing competitions.

    2019 Winter closing.
    2018 winter closing.
    2017 winter closing.
    2016 winter closing.
    2015 winter closing.
    2014 winter closing.
    2013 winter closing.
    2012 winter closing.
    2011 winter closing.
    2010 winter closing.

    Here is a list of previous winners and dcTPP's. (darn close Tioga Pass Prognosticators.)

    Tioga pass champions.

    Mark Sedenquist, Winter 2018. Reigning Champ !
    ......................(tantrum), Spring 2015 Opening (never identified or claimed the prize)
    George Carey (glc), Spring 2014 Opening
    George Carey (glc), Spring 2013 Opening
    Jessica Beagles-Roos (CAnative), Spring 2011 and Winter 2011 (although it actually closed in 2012)
    Brian Shannon (Exodus) Spring, 2010
    Phil Boardman, (PhilB) Spring 2009
    ..................... (weirj), Winter 2008 (never identified or claimed the prize)

    ***and the dcTPP contestants (Darn Close -- Tioga Pass Prognosticator)

    ************** tseeb. 2020 Spring opening
    **************anuj1985. winter 2019
    **************Southwest Dave. Spring 2019
    ************** tseeb Spring 2018
    ************** Mark Sedenquist, Winter 2017
    **************Southwest Dave Spring 2017
    **************travelingman Winter 2016
    *************Jessica Beagles-Roos [CANative] Spring 2016
    *************Jessica Beagles-Roos, (CaNative), Winter 2013
    *************George Carey (glc), Spring 2012
    *************Sheriff Dave Gomm (Southwest Dave), Winter 2010
    *************Don Casey (CalOldBlue), Winter 2009
    *************Lynn & Victor (Hotel Charlotte), Spring 2008
    *************Joey (Kinless), Spring 2007

    And here are some winning contestants filling their tanks with their prize money !

    Mark Sedenquist Winter Closing, 2018 ( must be "insider trading" and time for someone to take his crown !!)

    Double winner George Carey (glc) in Spring opening 2014 and 2013 !!

    (Who says lightning doesn't strike twice !!)

    Jessica Beagles-Roos [CAnative] 2011 winter closing.

    Jessica Beagles-Roos (CAnative) 2011 Spring opening. (Another double winner !!)

    Brian Shannon (Exodus) Spring, 2010.

    Phil Boardman (PhilB) Spring 2009.

    Remember, your prediction must be posted on this thread to include time and date and you must 'Ping the Poll' at the top to qualify !

    Good luck !!

    Last edited by Southwest Dave; 09-30-2021 at 03:06 AM.

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