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    Default Tioga Pass Prognosticator 20 * Winter closing 2015.

    Advent of the Winter RoadTrip Season in the West !

    This is our Twentieth attempt at predicting the correct date and time for the opening and closing of the Tioga Pass. This is one of the most scenic drives in the American west and is found along CA Highway 120 as it crosses the Sierra Nevada in Yosemite NP. Sometime during Fall and early winter the snow will arrive, eventually closing the Pass until the following Spring. The Yosemite Rangers will announce the closure when they feel it is no longer safe or advisable for motor vehicles to travel the road.

    Mother Nature has not been very cooperative with the would-be TPP's over the last couple of winter closing periods. The last year that anyone captured the TPP title was Winter of 2011 (it actually closed in January of 2012) so maybe 2015 will usher in a new era of prognosticator excellence!

    Each year with changing weather patterns and budget changes it is becoming much more of a challenge to predict that correct date, but you have to be in it to win it !! Maybe you are a weather guru, own a Crystal Ball, have a memorable date in mind, or you simply throw a dart at the calender. Whatever your method, can you predict this years winning date and win a tank of gas for your road trip ride ?

    Two images from the same webcam !

    Our reigning Tioga Pass Prognosticator champ is forum member 'tantrum' who correctly predicted May 4th as the 2015 Spring opening date on his first ever attempt !!. Winning confirmation can be seen here.

    Do you have what it takes to be the new Chief Tioga Pass Prognosticator?

    ************Forum Moderator, Dave Gomm, (Southwest Dave) is the official Sheriff and Chief Wrangler for this contest and his rulings as to the naming of the winner are final, (& they also could be arbitrary & capricious) Got a beef? Or a question? Take it up with him...

    So here's official list of the Prognosticators Extraordinaire To-Date: -- as approved by Sheriff & Chief Wrangler Dave Gomm:

    Tioga Pass Prognosticator Winners:

    *** tantrum, Spring 2015 Opening

    George Carey (glc), Spring 2014 Opening
    George Carey (glc), Spring 2013 Opening
    Jessica Beagles-Roos (CAnative), Spring 2011 and Winter 2011 (although it actually closed in 2012)
    Brian Shannon (Exodus) Spring, 2010
    Phil Boardman, (PhilB) Spring 2009
    weirj Winter 2008

    ***and the dcTPP contestants (Darn Close -- Tioga Pass Prognosticator)
    *************Jessica Beagles-Roos, (CaNative), Winter 2013
    *************George Carey (glc), Spring 2012
    *************Sheriff Dave Gomm (Southwest Dave), Winter 2010
    *************Don Casey (CalOldBlue), Winter 2009
    *************Lynn & Victor (Hotel Charlotte), Spring 2008
    *************Joey (Kinless), Spring 2007

    Official Tioga Pass Closings in recent years:

    2014: November 13th
    2013: November 18th
    2012: November 8th
    2011: January 17th, 2012
    2010: November 19th
    2009: November 12th
    2008: October 30th
    2007: December 6th
    2006: November 26th
    2005: November 25th
    2004: October 17th
    2003: October 31st
    2002: November 5th

    Here are the Yosemite NP's Official opening and closing dates for the last several years.

    "The Contest".

    You are welcome to use your predictive talents and if you manage to hit the correct date -- the RTA Editorial group will pay for a tank of roadtrip fuel in your personal roadtrip ride. Legal has suggested that we identify what this means.... So, for the record, the prize will be limited to $75.00 USD*

    Please read entry rules carefully.

    To win this prize, the date must be posted** on this Forum more than or equal to fifteen (15) days prior to the official Tioga Pass Road CLOSING date. (**Your "date" must be identified in a post on this thread...**)
    * Further, you must identify a particular date in your post.
    * Further, you must identify a particular time in your post (date and time is required for the winning entry).
    *And if you manage to identify the correct opening time within 60 minutes.... you'll receive an additional surprise gift from RTA.
    * A single calendar date can only be claimed by one member. If two or more members chose the same calendar date, and that date proves to be the "Winning Date", the prize will go to the member who "claimed" the date the earliest in this contest period.
    *The official date for this Tioga Pass Prognosticator contest tracks with Pacific Time (USA), so no matter what date it might be in your local neighborhood, the date used for this contest will be the same one used by the officials at Yosemite National Park for Tioga Pass.

    When you have identified your prediction in your post, please "Ping the Poll" at the top of page (This is done by completing your poll selection).

    Previous Predictive Efforts:
    Spring 2006 Opening
    Winter 2006 Closing
    Spring 2007 Opening
    Winter 2007 Closing
    Spring 2008 Opening
    Winter 2008 Closing
    Spring 2009 Opening
    Winter 2009 Closing
    Spring 2010 Opening
    Winter 2010 Closing,
    Spring 2011 Opening
    Winter 2011 Closing
    Spring 2012 Opening
    Winter 2012 Closing
    Spring 2013 Opening
    Winter, 2013 Closing
    Spring 2014 Opening
    Winter 2014 Closing
    Spring 2015 Opening

    POG Photo's. [Proof of gas]

    George Carey [glc] 2014

    George Carey [glc] 2013

    JESSICA BEAGLES-ROO, (CAnative): 2011 Winter closing.

    Jessica Beagles-Roo [CAnative ]2011 Spring opening.

    Brian Shannon [Exodus] 2010

    Phil Boardman [PhilB] 2009

    More info.

    Yosemite National park website.

    Yosemite Webcams for the latest images.

    This page shows you the opening and closing dates of other California mountain passes.

    Here are a couple of images from the Sentinel webcam, with and without the snow.

    Happy Predicting! Sheriff Dave and the Great American RoadTrip Forum Staff -
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  2. Default November 28, 2015

    I pick my birthday of November 28, 2015 at 2 PM for the Winter closing date of 2015.

    Here's to a great snow pack this winter!


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    Default Two shots

    My oldest brother and my second son - 30th December - around 4pm
    My youngest brother (one day before Prince Chjarles) - 13th November -around 4pm

    I'm sure you all needed to know that. lol


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    November 22nd - around noon.

    Hubby's birthday. Mine's too early in the fall!


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    Default December 17th

    December 17th @ noon.

    In honor of Megan's birthday.

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    November 6

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    Default An early one....

    I have been working on our 2015-2016 El Nino contingency plans and I am ready to throw in a new dart....

    Tueday, October 13th at noon.


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    Default Not only snow can do it

    Temporary Closure:

    The Walker wildfire has closed the Tioga Pass Road:
    Highway 120 West (Tioga Pass) between Highway 395 and Blue Slide (approximately 5 miles up-canyon from Highway 395) is closed.

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    Default News is that it's re-opened

    After a period of opening and closing the pass with an escort through from Highway patrol, the pass has been opened up consistently since Monday. It is reported that there are portions along the road where you are prevented from stopping and you should still check current conditions before travelling. Great news for the Lee Vining residents and surrounding areas who have had the 'Code red emergency alert' lifted which means there will be no evacuations at this time. Great work by the fire crews who put themselves on the line to tackle these fires.


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    November 27th, at noon.

    My wife's birthday, and she is keen to drive this road on our future trip, so getting this right would make it a must-do...

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