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    What is a good mid-point place to stop between Buffalo and Stowe? Originally planned on Blue Mountain Lake or nearby but lodging and amenities seem to be pretty scarce at end of June. We are just looking to break up a long day of driving into two days, so someplace we can stop and find some interesting sites, food, and a beer preferrable.

    If you have a specific hotel or motel to recommend even better.
    Likely that most of the towns in that part of the state more or less outlines as the "Adirondack Park" have limited options at any time - a couple more popular tourist ones (like a Lake Placid or Saranac Lake) have a few more lodging places, but most of the towns are lucky to have one if even that (and those that do exist will be smaller/local options - even those couple towns mentioned have only one to maybe three of the "brand" names of motels, while the rest are independently owned spots.

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    Take a look at Prospect, NY. It's got an inn, a B&B and a budget motel. It's on your route and right around halfway between Buffalo and Stowe. Also, there's nearby Hinkley Reservoir for a little more scenery.


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