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    Hi All,

    Myself and 2 friends aged 21-24 are travelling to America in the summer and have decided to hire a car in Buffalo and drive to Boston. We have four days in which to get from Buffalo to Boston and would like some advice on places to visit and also places to stay. We initially thought of spending the first night in Ithaca and the 2 and 3 nights in Cooperstown visiting the Baseball hall of fame, Ommegang brewery and possibly having a round of golf. We plan to drive from Cooperstown straight to Boston on the forth day.

    We are interested in seeing some of real America as the majority of the trip we are staying in the big cities. We would also like to stay in places with good nightlife and also lots of activities and things to see in the day time possibly places to stop off etc. We would like to visit a shopping mall or outlet village while en route also.

    We are open to ideas



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    Default real?

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Once again, I'm puzzled by the real america comments, as if there is a fake america somewhere or cities aren't "real."

    Anyway, 4 days is a very nice amount of time for this drive where you should have no problems fitting in much of what you want to do. Its also a subject that has come up several times before, so I'd start by checking out these threads.

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