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    Hi! First of all, this site is great.

    4 of us are planning a road trip for 11 days. My first question is: Is it possible to do Buffalo to Savannah, GA in 16 hours straight. Google Maps says 14 1/2 hours. Figuring in stops, is 16 hours realistic. We are leaving on Friday night at 7 to drive overnight and hopefully get there around 11am on sat.

    We are spending the day in Savannah then driving the 2 1/2 hours to Jacksonville.

    Sat night will be spent with a friend in Jacksonville.

    Sunday we will drive to Hollywood to stay with an aunt until Friday AM.

    We would love to do a day trip to KeyWest. is that a realistic option. We don't really have money to spend on hotels unless we found one under $100 for a tuesday or wednesday night.

    On Friday we are driving up to Tampa to go to a Sabres Hockey game.

    Sat back to savannah for St. Patricks day. (We have a hotel there).

    Sunday to Atlanta to stay with a friend.

    Then monday the 14 hours back to Buffalo.

    Is this all possible or am I being crazy???

    Also, we really want to see alligators and flamingos. any suggestions for routes.

    Finally, on a completely seperate note. I will be in Orlando for a conference in April. Any suggestions on some non disney related things to do. Ive heard you can rent airboats for a few hours. . . I like non touristy activities.

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    Default I'd vote crazy

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I think there is a fairly high level of craziness in this plan.

    Yes, it is possible to get from Buffalo to Savannah and/or Atlanta in 16-17 hours. But while it is possible, it doesn't mean its a good idea.

    900 miles is a single day is far more than can be recommended for a single day, even if you've got multiple drivers. One of the biggest mistakes novice roadtrippers make is underestimating just how physically draining it can be to simply sit in a car for an entire day. While you may be able to pull it off, you will likely be setting yourself up to be exhausted for nearly your entire trip, which will make it harder to enjoy what you will see in Florida and will make it harder to continue to tolerate the company of your traveling companions.

    I'd strongly advice cutting down those 900+ mile driving days at the beginning and end of your trip. You can fairly easily make it to Jacksonville at the end of day 2, but you will be much better off if you cut your driving days into more equal and more manageable distances.

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