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    me and my husband are planning to go buffalo from dallas, tx by car this Friday, but since this is our first road trip we need some tips or suggestions from you guys like what kind of problems we can face during the trip and what precautions we should take..any tips will be greatly appreciated...

    Thanks in advance... :)
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    Well, its hard to say what you need to look out for when we know so little about you and your plan, however a couple things to keep in mind.

    You're looking at a 1400 mile trip. You should plan to spend 2 nights on the road. Its a good 2.5-3 day drive, and trying to drive faster than that is one place you could run into problems.

    You should also have a mechanic take a look over your car. While a roadtrip isn't any more stressful on a car than daily driving (in fact its usually less stressful), but that should help find a problem that's could become apparent when you are miles from the nearest town.

    Most importantly, stop focusing on the negative! You can have a great time on your trip, but if you are only worrying about precausions and problems, you're going to miss out on the fun!

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