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    Hi, we are driving from NYC to Phoenix mid December and are thinking of visiting Annapolis, Richmond, Roanoke,Gatlinburg to see a bit of the Great Smoky Mountain park, Nashville, Paducah (love quilts!) Bentonville, Dallas austin San Antonio and then on to Phoenix probably saying in El Paso for 1 night. We are planning 15 days for this but are concerned about weather. Please advise of perhaps suggest a warmer route with interesting stops.

    Thanks so much!

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    I assume this is just a one way trip?

    Trying to guess a "warmer" route is really a pointless endeavor. It's simply impossible to say what the weather will be on the specific days you are on the road. There are plenty of days in winter where the weather is actually warmer and nicer farther north - it just depends upon the specific weather systems that are moving through.

    You are going across the west on I-10 already, which is the lowest elevation route you can take across the country, but even in west texas and southern New Mexico it is certainly possible to see snow and ice. When it comes to the weather, all you can do is plan for the worst - give yourself a little extra time in case you have to wait for conditions to improve - and home for the best.

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