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    hey everyone,
    im new here and im taking a trip--moving, actually--from new york city to seattle in december 2006. we're gonna make a raod trip out of it. we're gonna take about 12-14 days, i wish it was longer but the holidays and family obligations interfere.
    anyway, im writing looking for suggestions for cool routes, attractions, food, etc. the one caveat is that we're not staying north, we are definitely stopping in st. louis, missouri to visit my family. so it basically looks like this: leave nyc on dec 10 or 11 to arrive in st louis on december 14th or so. since we're leaving the east coast we want to meander from nyc to st louis. so suggestions for this leg of the trip are greatly appreciated.
    then we leave st louis on december 18th or 19th to arrive in seattle on december 24, so suggestions for brief excursions are welcome here.
    thanks everyone!

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    RoadTripper Brad Guest

    Default A few suggestions

    Greetings, mjbriggs, and welcome to the forum!

    I do have a few questions to clarify: Do you know which route you're taking? Are you having movers take your goods, or are you going the Do It Yourself via Uhaul method? (This will really help out a lot- lets us know where we can safely point you). Most of my suggestions would be for once you reach the North West, and a few are really weather permitting.

    Other thing is what do you and your family enjoy doing? Do you find museums boring or exciting? That sort of thing. Let us know!

    I do have a 'cool route', but this is really weather permitting. If you're thinking of taking I-90 over Snoqualmie Pass, and the weather forecasts are good and the pass forecasts are good, you might consider taking a little jaunt north to US Route 2 and going over Stevens Pass. It is a higher pass with a narrower road (2 lanes most of the way), but it's highly traveled and patroled. I suggest it because it goes through some of the most awesome scenery in WA, and some great towns that you'll definately need to become familiar with. Wenatchee, Cashmere, and more importantly, Leavenworth. Leavenworth is a destination for anyone from Seattle. The town is right up in the mountains and done in a Bavarian theme. Very cool in the winter! They have some great shopping, lodging, and dining! Some of the best of all three in Chelan County.

    Once past Leavenworth, it is really just tall mountains and lush forests. You'll begin the climb to Stevens Pass at 4018ft above Mean Sea Level (MSL). It is home to one of the Northwest's premier ski resorts. If you're family is into Skiing, this is another destination to note. (Stevens Pass conditions from WSDOT).

    Another suggestion I have is really more into gear. If you don't have a weather radio, get one. Washington State Law requires NOAA/NWS to broadcast the latest pass reports on all NOAA/NWS weather radio frequencies, so it is one of the best ways to get the most up-to-date pass information when crossing the Cascades. If you don't have one and don't want to get one, most AM and FM stations along the Cascades give pass reports, but you can also call 511. When traveling through most of Eastern Washington you should be able to get either AM 560 KPQ out of Wenatchee, WA, or, The Quake 102.1 FM KPQ out of Wenatchee, WA. Both broadcast the latest pass reports for all of the Cascades every half hour or so. Very important, as conditions can change rapidly.

    Have a safe and fun trip!
    -Arizona Brad

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    hey, thanks for responding. we will be shipping our stuff, and just have some things with us in the truck. so no uhauls or anything. about what we like-we do like museums, also big on outdoor space--water and national/state parks, i also like quirky roadside attractions and cool places to grab something to eat that i cant get other places.
    about our route, that is actually what i am looking for suggestions for. our only plan is to leave nyc, hit stlouis in the middle, and end up in seattle. one route we were thinking of was leave nyc and travel down the east coast, like say jersey shore to delaware to north carolina to tennessee through a bit
    of kentucky to st.louis. just go all along the water there. i wonder if anyone here knows or has traveled that area well. i know it will be december, but we actually really like winter beach situations. we figured we would try this because we are leaving the east coast and might not make it back out there for awhile.
    then once we leave st louis, im also looking for a route. there im completely open to suggestions, especially because of weather. but we were thinking colorado then up diagonally to seattle.

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