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    Hi there, we are moving back to New Zealand in December but wanted to do a real American road trip on our way home. We're thinking of spending around a week on the road. We live in NY and will be flying out of LA.

    Firstly, is early/mid December a safe time to be driving weather-wise?

    Secondly, where are the not to be missed places to go? Don't think we'll get an opportunity to do this again so want to get as much in as possible.

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    Welcome to the RTA forum!

    As long as you are willing to follow the basic rules for safe winter driving, and are willing to wait if you come across a nasty storm, then there is no reason you can't have a safe trip in December.

    The trip cross country is about a 5 day trip, so you do have some time built in, but your options for what to see are basically endless. You've got the entire country between your two point, and you haven't said a word about what you might like to see. There is no such thing as a all-purpose, not to be missed list of attractions, since every one and every roadtrip is different.

    If there is anything in the US you'd like to see, this is your chance to do it. I'd recommend picking one or two of them, and building your trip around those places.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    Normally, I'd say a week would be fine to cross the continent on a 'purposeful' RoadTrip. It's around 3000 miles which means 6 days of 500 miles each day, with a day to spare 'in case'. In mid-December, you can probably count on some bad weather somewhere in the US during your week, which means between stopping to see things and the possibility of encountering conditions that will slow you down, you have precious little additional wiggle room. My guess is that if you have to be in L.A. to catch a specific flight on a date certain, then you might very well end up cutting it a bit close.

    Anyway, all that is by way of saying, yes I think you can do all this as long as you are prepared to be flexible, both in route and timing. There are several main routes between New York and Los Angeles: a 'northern' route (I-80/I-76/I-15), a 'central' route' (I-78/I-76/I-44/I-40/I-15), and a 'southern' route (I-95/I-66/I-81/I-40/I-30/I-20/I-10). Even up to a few days before departure, you should still be prepared to take whichever of those routes offers the best weather forecast. Needless to stay, what to see will differ depending on which way you go.


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