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    Hello -
    New to the forum. We are trying to plan a 14 day road trip - leaving from Seattle, WA and returning in 14 days.
    Is there an place to go to help identify the best places to go and still make it back in 14 days? We would like to head southeast - possibly to Utah, Colorado, or New Mexico.
    We need help with starting out looking for great sites to visit.

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    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    I think you're focusing on the 'what' of your trip rather than the 'why'. You found us easily enough by looking for information on RoadTrips. But the RoadTrip is the 'what'. Why do you want to make this trip? What do you hope to get out of it? What are your interests? Your proposed destination is a good one in that it will allow you plenty of time in your available two weeks to see and do stuff both on the way and while there. But again, the 'why' is missing. If you want to see great scenic national treasures, then start with the National Parks website and see what's there. If you're into art museums, there's a site for that, the same with Geology, amusement parks, music festivals. etc., etc., etc. You'll find that you get a lot more out of your trip when you invest some of your own time and knowledge rather than just ask a bunch of random strangers for advice on "the best places to go".


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