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    Default Need help planning a road trip from AZ to Seattle.

    Hello. I need some help planning a road trip to Seattle. We're planning to leave from Phoenix and I could use some ideas on places to see and possibly even stay for a night. We're looking to get there ASAP and take our time driving back to AZ. We have about 10 days. I would greatly appreciate any help.

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    Default lots of options

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    Well, there certainly are no shortage of options for this trip. The fastest way there will be I-10 to the LA area and then up I-5. Its 1500 miles, which is a 3 day trip traveing 8-10 hours a day. You might be able to squeeze it down to 2 days, but you'd really be looking at uncomfortably long days (14+ hours on the road) and you'd probably be pretty exhausted when you get there.

    If you take more time, you've got tons of options. You could simply make your way down the Oregon and California Coast, or you could see the more inland wonders like Mt. St. Helens, Crater Lake, Yosemite, or Death Valley. You could also work over towards Salt Lake City, and the cut south through the many national parks in Utah.

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    We're planning to take I-10 then I-5. I'm thinking of trying to drive to Sacramento on day 1, then driving to Portland on day 2, and finally arriving to Seattle on day 3. We're only going to spend a few days in Seattle and I was wondering if there was anything that's a must see other than the typical touristy stuff? We'll drive back to AZ through Idaho and Utah so hopefully I'll have some time to visit family in Flagstaff. I could also use some ideas on places to stay in Seattle that's not too expensive.

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    Default AZ to WA round trip

    Hello. Some friends and I are taking a road trip up to Seattle this summer and we could use some suggestions on places to go camping especially along the coast. We are planning to drive up to Seattle as quickly as possible and drive back down along the coast. I'm hoping 2 wks. is enough time. I was also wondering which would be a better route to take since we're leaving from Flagstaff. I-5 through Cali & OR, or to go through UT, ID & OR? Also if anyone has any ideas on good places to go rafting in WA, we could really use your help. Any help is greatly appreciated.

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    My mapping program says this is the fastest way from Flagstaff to Seattle:

    US-89 to north of Panguitch, UT
    UT-20 to I-15
    I-15/I-84/I-82/I-90 to Seattle

    1350 miles, 21 hours driving at the speed limit, NO stops, and no traffic or construction delays. What I would do, being as you will be going right past it, is spend the first night in Panguitch and see Bryce Canyon (or you could camp in the park). The second night, Twin Falls or Boise would make sense.

    I-40/CA-58/I-5 is 1520 miles and my software says it's 2 hours longer. Stops would be needed in Bakersfield and Grants Pass.

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    Thank you for the feedback. I think we're going to go ahead and go through UT & ID, hopefully it won't be too hot and a little more scenic than going through CA. I know Zion N.P. is kind of out of the way but is it worth making a stop to camp for the night? Are there any places in ID that we should stop to check out? We've never been to this part of the country, so we're pretty much up for anything.

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    Default In Southern Idaho

    A few sites I've found worth a stop near I-84 in Southern Idaho would include the Thousand Springs area, Bruneau Canyon (this does require driving a gravel road through a U.S. Air Force bombing range), Bruneau Sand Dunes, and Hagerman Fossil Beds.


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    Zion is definitely an option - not out of the way at all, take UT-9 off US-89 and go in the east entrance. Then you could go out the main entrance and pick up I-15 directly or you could go back to US-89 and head to Bryce if you want.

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    Thank you for the response AZBuck. Air Force bombing range huh? That sounds exciting. I will definitely take a look at these. Dirt roads are no problem since we're taking a truck. I also heard about some hot springs somewhere in ID. Is there any part of the OR coast that's a must see? I'm trying to figure out a route to Crater Lake without missing too much of the coast. We are planning to stop at Redwood N.P. after this too.

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    I had a couple more questions. Is it possible to do Snoqualmie Falls, Mt. Rainier & Mt. St. Helens in a day? Or would it be best if we skipped one? Since we would be coming from Richland to Seattle.

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