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    Hi there everyone!

    Firstly, I just wanted to say this site is brilliant! I have spent a lot of time on here over the last few weeks getting so many great hints and tips from all of your inside knowledge – Thank You!

    We (my boyfriend and I) are planning our 1st road trip (we are from the UK) this week. We have decided on a round trip from LA, lasting 2 weeks. This is the rough trip we are planning – I wondered if you could cast your expert eyes over it for me? One thing to consider is that we are hiring a Ford Mustang (yeah I know – only a Brit!) – So I realize that we need to keep an eye on the weather conditions.

    Arrive LAX 5th Nov 3pm. Stay Hermosa Beach 2 nights (Explore LA)
    Leave early Sat am drive to Santa Barbera. Overnight Santa Barbera.
    Leave early Sun am drive to Mammoth Lakes via Bakersfield (is it worth the extra drive to Mammoth or should we stay in Lone Pine or similar overnight?)
    Leave Monday drive back down to Lone Pine then over to Death Valley. (Overnight DV)
    Leave Tuesday for Las Vegas. 3 nights in Vegas. Helicopter / plane to GC one day.
    Leave Friday early. Drive via Hoover Dam, pick up part of Route 66. Palm Springs overnight.
    Leave Sat am for San Diego. 2 nights San Diego.
    Leave at leisure Mon am take coast road. 2 nights Crystal Cove.
    Weds am return LAX for flights out to Maui.

    Any advice / tips / observations would be greatfully received!

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    Default Great trip

    Wow!! What a great trip. I will leave some of the more knowledgable to comment on Mammoth Lake... but for the rest of it... Have a wonderful trip.

    The flight with fixed wing plane out of LV (we flew out of Henderson) over the west rim of the Grand Canyon is spectacular. And with a bit of luck you will get the plane to fly below the rim. (We did!) It is a part of the Canyon that is not often seen.


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    Hey thanks Lifey!

    I'm going to go and look up that flight - sounds just the ticket!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miss T View Post
    Hey thanks Lifey!

    I'm going to go and look up that flight - sounds just the ticket!
    Not sure if it is still possible... but when I arrived in LV in September 2001, I walked into the visitor information centre, picked up all the brochures for flights - and there were many companies which run these flights - chose one which sounded great and was affordable, rang and booked for the following morning.

    In those days I knew so little about travelling that I was not even aware that you could / should book beforehand.
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    Default Grand canyon.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    Yep, it looks like a fun trip and the Mustang shouldn't cause any extra concern over any other car you might rent, enjoy !

    Mammoth lakes is an area I am not familiar with, although I have heard nice things about the area. I also think you are the only one's who can decide if it's worth an extra 200 mile drive from Lone Pine and back or whether you would rather spend more time elsewhere. It is actually closer to 250 miles if you were to enter Death valley via Olancha. You could leave your options open and go with the flow.
    As great as flying over Grand canyon is, for me it isn't quite the same as being there and soaking up this "Wonder of the world" and to witness a sunset. My observation is that if you went from Santa Barbara to Death valley [say Stovepipe Wells ] direct and then onto Vegas, travelled by car to GC [instead of a flight] you could then spend a night there and go direct to Palm springs.
    It is purely food for thought in case it is something you had not considered as there is nothing wrong with your plan at all.

    Have fun !

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    Thanks Dave and Lifey.

    Yes - having looked at the route again, I can see that Mammoth Lakes would be about a 250 mile detour. The only reason for going there is that a very good friend goes ski-ing there every year, and they reckon it's wonderful! But if you put that into perspective against the Grand Canyon, well it seems like there's no comparison!

    Also I would like to go to a nice vineyard at some point. Any reccomendations?

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    Along that routing, your best bet for vineyards is near Santa Barbara.

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