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    Default 4 Aussie chicks - LA to Miami Dec/Jan 2012

    Hi guys,

    Firstly this website is amazing and a lifesaver. I've already picked up so many tips for our trip.

    So as the title says I'm travelling with 3 mates from LA to Miami. We arrive in LA on about the 28th Dec, then from there to Vegas for new years celebrations then from there we roadtrip through the southern states and finish in Miami. We're hiring a Dodge Caravan as our mode of transport.

    What is the minimum amount of time we should allow to drive from Vegas to Miami at a comfortable pace that allows us to get off the I10 and see the usual attractions along the way/ We've pretty much roughed out where we're going and what main attractions to see, but I'm hoping someone can tell me of their experience on this route and how long it took them. Also are we relatively safe with just us girls travelling? We've roadtripped Europe before but I've heard some of the southern states are a little dicey in parts?


    Edit: Also if any Aussies see this post do you know what the license rules in the US are? Do you need international license. You do in Europe but not sure about US. A mate travelled US last year and was pulled over by the police and they only wanted his Australian license but I've also heard other stories.
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    I would allow at least a week. Just to drive from LV to Miami on Interstates without sightseeing is a 5 day drive.

    As far as safety goes, use common sense and your "built in radar". If something doesn't seem right, it probably isn't and you should move on.

    You don't need an international license if your home license is in English.

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    Default I-10?

    I-10 is not the most direct route between Las Vegas and Miami and, depending on your interests, might not be the most enjoyable. You have at least two different basic routes available to you and you should spend some time looking at what's along each one before deciding which way to go. If you take I-10 as your primary route, then I would assume that you're at least going to go to the Grand Canyon first and then proceed south on I-17 to Ph0enix to pick it up. Other major attractions on or reasonably near that route would include Kartchner Caverns, White Sands, the Alamo, New Orleans, and Gulf Islands National Seashore. The alternative would be I-40 to Amarillo, US-287 to Dallas, I-20 to Jackson, and US-49/US-98 to Mobile. Highlights would include, besides the Grand Canyon, Petrified Forest, Santa Fe/Taos, Cadillac Ranch, and Vicksburg. East of Mobile, the route would be the same (I-10) and take you by Okefenokee Swamp and the Kennedy Space Center at Cape Canaveral. For what it's worth, the I-10 route is about 250 miles or half a day longer than the I-40/US-287/I-20 route, but that's not much in a 6 day drive.


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    Oh great thanks glc! We have about 10 days so it sounds like it should be a good trip and not too rushed.
    Thanks for your help :-)

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    Wow thanks so much Buck... plenty of things to think about. Someone I know mentioned taking the I10, but you sir no doubt know what you're talking about. I'll check out your recommended routes.
    Thanks a bunch for taking the time to reply.

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