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    OK! A friend and I are heading North from Atlanta to Detroit...instead of the usual tried and true route of I-75, was wondering if there's a more scenic route. We'd like to get atleast half way the first day and make it home at a reasonable hour...any help would be welcomed!!!

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    Default 700 miles is hard to squish

    Road Greetings Leigh,

    You want to get half-way on day one and you also want to get home at a reasonable time on day two? 700+ miles is hard to squish into smaller chunks than 10 hrs of driving @70 mph So any side-trip routes will require at least another five or six hours. What are your drop dead time parameters? How many hours do you want to drive each day?

    Maybe I can suggest some routes that meet those parameters.


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    Leigh Guest


    We've got two days to do this, and want to get home to Detroit by 8pm, so we've got a little bit of time to play with. The first day we'd like to get atleast half way, give or take 50 miles or so. Neither of us really have any idea of where to go...definitely want some picture spots...any help would be great!!

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    On an additional note, I pulled out the trusty AAA map and am thinking that maybe any of the National Parks in the Tennessee, Kentucky area would be good?

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