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    This is my first post as I only found this site today, I've read through a few pages and found out some great things.

    I'm planning a Road Trip in the Summer of 2012 with around 12 of my friends. We are going to travel for 21 days and would like to travel coast to coast starting in either Chicago and working down the East coast to Miami, then fly to Vegas and travel up as far as San Francisco. OR Start in Vegas then up to San Fransisco, flyingover to Chicago and then driving down then to Miami.

    Flying from coast to coast will save some valuable time for us to spend in other locations.

    Any suggestions will be great and i'm sure i'll be on here until I go!!!!!

    My main worry is the 21 days (is it long enough???) I doubt we will stop over in each place some may be day stops.

    Places we would like to visit are:
    San Fransisco
    San Diego
    Las Vegas
    New York


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    Default Not That Much Driving

    Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    The two sections of your RoadTrip can be driven in a total of about 6 days so you've got plenty of time to spend exploring the cultural activities of the many cities you've listed by day and enjoying their night life. The west coast portion of your trip is covered in some detail here while your options for driving up the east coast are laid out here. Just as important is that all of you are on the same page regarding what you want to accomplish on your trip. I don't know if or how often you plan to get together to discuss and plan, but here are a few topics for discussions you all should have.

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    When you say the two sections of the RoadTrip can be driven in a total of about 6 days you mean 6 days West Coast and then 6 days East right??? Also does that mean with overnight stays??*We will be having a good few meetings before we go so I will also give the Compatibility Test a whirl!I think we are in agreement over what we want to see in terms of Cities, when were are there it is pretty much upto the person what they would like to see whilst in that city.*We are looking to come over in July/August of 2012 so another question would be about the weather. From the Cities I have listed is there anything we should take into consideration or will it be pretty hot in all of them at that time of year???*Again thankyou for you reply, your help is greatly appreciated

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    Default Nope, 6 Days Total

    When I said that your entire trip would only take 6 days of driving that's what I meant. But that is only for the driving, only by the most direct most efficient route but only assumes about 8-10 hours a day on the road with minimal gas/food/restroom stops. You could make the drive from San Francisco down to Los Angeles and then San Diego on I-5 and on up to Las Vegas on I-15 in a day and a half, maybe a bit more. The total time for your proposed city to city driving on the east coast using I-95 and I-80 would be around four and a half days. So six days total. But that does not include any side trips, scenic stops, your time in the cities or anything else - just the driving, minimal required stops, and overnight sleeping.

    Weather on the west coast will be moderate. They have a Mediterranean climate, so no great extremes. In the desert (Las Vegas) it will be extremely hot with highs around 110°F (43°C) or higher not uncommon. There will be relatively low humidity and you will need to guard against both over exposure to the sun and dehydration. Bring loose fitting, light clothing, a good hat, and be prepared with plenty of water if you plan to be outdoors for any period of time. In the east weather will not be quite as hot but could still reach 100°F (38°C) on occasion. It will be quite uncomfortable at times. Just don't overexert yourselves.


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    Thanks again,

    Weather sounds good to me, anything other than rain is great!!!

    I'm going to have a meeting with some friends in the next couple of weeks and I will print off your comments to show them.

    If you don't mind i'll come back on here and put some more questions to you as and when they arise.


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