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    Hi all,
    I am new to the forum and trying to plan my fishing trip to Flaming Gorge from San Jose, Ca in June.

    It has been about 10 or 15 years since I have traveled I 80 to and beyond Salt Lake City. I remember I 80s pavement then was like rudder board from Sparks to Wendover, and I'm not talking about the shoulder. Is it still like that now?

    I also tend to remember that it was quite a climb thru the mountains and slow going out of Salt Lake City to Little America.

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    I don't know about all the way to Wendover, but I just went from Reno to Winnemucca last fall and the road was in very good shape.

    Yes, the climb up Parley's Summit going east out of SLC is considerable. It's not really slow going in good weather unless you are pulling a trailer or driving a big RV. If you feel you need to go around, you can take I-15 north out of SLC then go east on I-84. This goes through the canyon instead of over the top and adds about 25 miles.

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    Thanks GLC, I will be pulling a 18ft Aluminum boat. I was wondering if I-15 would be a better route for me. Thanks for the input.

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    It depends on how much the boat and trailer weighs, and what you are pulling it with.

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    Glc, I had Google Earth the route and I agree that I-15 is the better route for my case. Great to get input from one who is familiar with both routes, since I only drove I-80 without towing a trailer or boat in the past.

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    Default I just did it

    Hello gpatz,

    The whole of both routes past SLC (the I-15 and the Parley's summit I-80) were included in my January RoadTrip to Park City.

    If you choose the I-15 route, be sure to initially take I-215 around the northwest side of downtown SLC.

    While the I-80 Parley's route obviously goes much higher (Parley's Summit pass is 7,016' if I recall correctly), it's 3 lanes uphill all the way from I-215 on the east side of downtown SLC and the steeper part of the +10 mile grade is only from about East Canyon to the summit, and that's only about 4 or 5 miles. It's a nice drive from the Park City exits to Echo Canyon, where I-84 joins from Ogden.

    Depending on time of day, I would probably choose the I-80/Parley's route. As noted, it's shorter, and the steeper segment is fairly short. I find the I-15 corridor from SLC to Ogden to be very congested and rather a hassle. I'd only go that way if I were badly burdened by the tow or if I was trying to escape rush hour congestion, and truth be told, rush hour congestion is worse up and down I-15 than it is up and down I-80, where I-80 serves much smaller population centers than does I-15.

    The rest of the route from Echo Canyon (I-80 & I-84 jct) is wide-open to the exit(s) for Flaming Gorge. Plenty of up and down, yes, but the road is smooth and in good shape.


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