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    I am coming over next week for a road trip from LA up through the Mojave-Owens Valley, then across Nevada from Big Pine via 168,266, 95 to Tonopah, then 376 up to intersect US50 just east of Austin, then 50 to Ely, 95 to Wendover. Are there any parts of the route where the distances between gas stations might become a problem?

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    You shouldn't expect to see very many gas stations along your route, but the longest distance you've got between cities is about 250 miles, well within the range of most any car. As long as you are filling up when you get a chance, you shouldn't have any problem. If you expect to see a gas station every 30 miles, then you might find another story...

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    If you're worried about gas, then just make sure your car's tank is more than 1/2 full at all times.

    I stop every couple of hours (for biological needs, if nothing else..) which is typically about 120-150 miles. That's well less than half a tank in my vehicle. If there's any doubt about availability of gas up ahead, I just go ahead and retank up the car. Then when I get another 2 hours down the road and the gas gauge is starting to get near the 1/2 mark, I'll see if there's another gas station within easy range.

    If there is I'll retank the car. If not, I know that since I've got a 1/2 tank left, I can pretty much be sure of getting back to the previous gas station...

    The disadvantage of this, if you end up pumping gas more times. Usually it doesnt cost anything more, and I figure I'm stopping anyway-- so it doesn't cost me much time, if any.

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