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  1. Default NYC to Cape Cod and onwards to Ohio- route suggestions??


    We are 2 Northern irelanders in their late 20s driving from NYC to family in ohio in June/July this year.

    We are staying in NYC for 3 nights and leaving on 4th day to travel to Cape Cod for 4 nights.

    We are not pushed for time- wondered is it worth staying a night somewhere between NYC and Cape Cod? I had thought of Providence, Mystic or Salem- any suggestions? also accomodation?

    On leaving Cape Cod we will be travelling the quickest way to Ohio....that is if we can work out a route!! Any suggestions? It is likely we will drive straight through- i believe it should take 10hours or so? If we were to stop over midway- any suggestions where? We would love the most scenic but straight route- but are prepared to venture off for a nicer journey if not too big of a de-tour?

    Many thanks in advance for your help,

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    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Salem isn't in between NYC and Boston - it's actually about 40 minutes North of the city - so you'd be better off visiting there during your time in Boston. However, Providence is a nice, compact city with a lot of great restaurants and Mystic has the maritime history to take in. It really depends on what you are in to.

    Where in Ohio will you be headed? The trip on I-90 would take about 11-12 hours to get to the Ohio state line, near Conneaut. Ohio is quite a large state so if you're going to Cleveland, then I-90 would be a good bet. If you're going to Cincinnati, then you'd want to head out a different way.

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    thanks for your reply!

    Thats good to know about salem- its so hard to work out where things really are! Would salem be anywhere near Cape cod?

    AS for providence or mystic- i guess we are not really fussy, but would like to have a nice day somewhere, a nice meal etc that night and a cheap(ish!) stay for one night if that makes it any easier to suggest which one?

    My family live in New philadelphia in Ohio- a small town south of Canton- would you still suggest the I-90? I take it you meant 11-12 hrs from the top of Cape cod? If it were to be that long, we may stay over en route- any suggestions where?

    Thanks again

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    Cape Cod to New Philadelphia is a 1.5 day drive. From Provincetown, it's almost 800 miles. The best way to avoid NYC traffic would be this:

    US-6 off the Cape to MA-25 to I-195 to Providence. I-95 south to Old Lyme, CT-9 to Middletown, CT-66 to I-691 to I-84 to Scranton. I-81 to I-80 to Youngstown, I-76 to Akron, I-77 to your destination. I would spend the night somewhere off I-80 in PA.

    Salem is on the opposite side of Boston from Cape Cod. Not even close.

    It's a fairly easy 1 day drive from NYC to Cape Cod, probably about 6 hours to get all the way out to the end, traffic permitting. Weekend traffic on the Cape can be very slow. There are no cheap places to stay enroute in the summer. If I had to pick between Mystic and Providence, I'd probably take Mystic for its charm.

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    Fantastic help- thank you!!

    I think we will maybe go to Mystic- stop off midway from NYC!

    As for the route from Cape cod to ohio- we are staying in the mid cape so we arent right at the bottom- i see though that it will still take a long time- so do you think it may be an idea just to drive as far as we can then stop off wherever we reach then drive rest to new phil next day?

    Or should we aim for a particular mid point to stop over before drivin on next day? If that be an idea- any suggestions of a nice place to stop over?

    Thanks again- cant tell you how much i appreciate the help!

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    You will never be more than an hour or so from a suitable hotel or motel all the way across I-80, so you can certainly play that by ear. One feature of our Interstate highways are signs just before each exit with lodging, fuel, and food choices at the exit. You will find the various national chain hotels well represented.

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