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    Default Suggestions for 1st Trip- NH to Ohio

    My best friend and I are planning our "Most Amazing 55th Birthday Roadtrip". We've never done this before and really don't know where to start. We are planning on leaving NH first week of June and our only planned stop is the Rock and Roll Hall of fame in Ohio. We plan on 7-10 days on the road. We are looking for route suggestions, stop suggestions, lodging suggestions or anything that will help us plan this most amazing adventure. We like off the wall stuff, so suggestions for that sort of stuff would be great.

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    If you have 7-10 days for this, and the Rock'n'Roll Hall of Fame is your destination, I suggest avoiding the interstates. You'll see a lot more.

    Depending on where you are starting from in New Hampshire, you have Mount Washington, Lake Champlain, the Adirondacks, and you can drive along Lake Ontario, rather than on I-90. There's the Finger Lakes in southwest New York state. There's the prerequisite Niagara Falls.

    In Erie, there's Presque Isle State Park.

    If you go through Pennsylvania, there's the Little Grand Canyon of Pennsylvania. I saw that as a kid, was pretty interesting. Allegheny National Forest is a nice drive. You can visit Kinzua Dam and the old Kinzua Viaduct that was felled by a tornado a few years back. At one time was the tallest railroad bridge in the world (for two years). It's a shame, it was an amazing site when I was there as a kid, back when you could still take the train across it.


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    There is an old WW 2 submarine, the USS Cod, docked at the US Coast guard station within walking distance of the Rock hall that you can tour. When you leave the Hall of Fame go north on E 9th. Just before the entrance to the Rt 2 Shoreway go east towards Burke lakefront airport on the North Marginal Rd a few steps and you are there. If you are a history buff it's worth a stop.

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