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  1. Default Texas to Cape Cod...Suggestions?

    I'm driving from Houston to Cape Cod. There are several routes and I am wondering if anyone has suggestions. I'm interested in scenic routes but cannot add too much additional time to my travels (I am allowing 4-5 days for the trip). Thank you, RB

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    Default Couple of Questions

    Welcome to Roadtrip America!

    Would you rather cut across the country or go up the eastern seaboard?

    I'm clocking it as around 1900 miles, which is easily doable in 4 days which leaves you one day to play around. But, a lot depends on what time of year you are planning on doing this. Sorry I can't really give specifics just yet. If you'll let us know a little more about what you want to see, then we can help out more.


  3. Default TX to Cape Cod route

    Leaving at the end of this month and wondered if there were reasons to choose one route over another, in other words, avoid certain highways that are boring and opt for more scenic routes that will get me to the same destination, etc..

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    Default With a Day to Spare...

    It seems that fall colors are late in arriving this year, so you should certainly plan on making a good portion of your trip along the Appalachian Mountains. If you want to avoid large city traffic (Atlanta, Washington, New York and others) and experience some great driving and scenery then the way to come is to cut cross country to Natchez, MS and then take the Natchez Trace up to Nashville. Use I-40 to I-81 north, As time permits, you can use the Blue Ridge Parkway as an alternative to parts of I-81. At Scranton, PA, switch to I-84 which will bring you into southern New England.


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