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    Default Temps in Wyoming-Idaho

    Hi there!
    My cousin and I are considering taking spring break (exact middle week of March) and somewhat re-tracing the Oregon Trail, because we are awesome people. We love to camp, but are both summer campers. I'm curious if anyone has had experience tent-camping in the southern Wyoming and into Idaho region? We may jump up to the Tetons too as we've both never been there. Just wanting to be prepared for the temperatures - will campgrounds even be open? It will be much cheaper to go the camping route, if we think we will survive it!
    Thank you!

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    I haven't done it, but I think you will need at least "3 season" gear and be prepared for snow. I would expect it to get below freezing at night, especially at the higher elevations. You definitely may have to look for open campgrounds.

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    I have pleasant memories of standing around a campfire warming hands, talking with fellow unimog owners and watching it snow up in Laramie Wyoming during the first week of June.

    Got snowed on in Raton, NM when on a motorcycle trip in late April.

    Got snowed out of a backpack trip in Rocky Mountain National Park on the 4th of July.

    The Forest Service generally doesn't try to open campgrounds until Memorial Day. Many campgrounds have a lot of melting to do in the last couple of weeks.

    Virginia in April is lovely with the dogwoods blooming and the nice green leaves coming out.
    Wyoming and Colorado and Idaho are still nearly in Winter.

    With enough warm clothes and the right mindset you'll be fine. But it won't be like you see on the picture postcards.

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    Default Expect anything

    Hello wandering,

    I will assume the Oregon Trail stays fairly low, but that doesn't change the fact that mid-March is essentially mid-winter in WY and ID. I'd assume and plan for the worst, and be pleasantly surprised if it turns out better.

    I've never endeavored to camp in the West in March, but I strongly suspect all NF campgrounds will be closed, along with most commercial campgrounds. Likely the rules as to "disbursed camping" in the NFs are still in place (which essentially means camping is allowed anywhere not specifically prohibited), but getting around at even modest elevation within the NF units might be a challenge.

    I think some time spent in email and telephone communications with some NF personnel would be time well spent.


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