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  1. Default Idaho, Wyoming & South Dakota Family Camp Trip

    We live in California, but are hoping to fly to Utah, Idaho, Wyoming or South Dakota rent an RV and see Yellowstone, the Grand Tetons, Mt Rushmore, the Black Hills and any neat items in between.

    We are hoping to do this in a 7 day time frame and hoping to do it in early August.

    With us looking at this trip on April 24th - is it even a possiblity? If so, how do you suggest we go about planning this process (RV Rental, Campground Reservation, Fun locations to hit along the way, etc.)?

    We have only camped in California and are inexperienced in traveling in these areas.

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You're going to be a bit rushed planning this trip, but it won't be impossible. I would act quickly, since some camping areas will be filling up fast, and the price of plane tickets probably won't be going down.

    There are a ton of resources to help you in our Planning section. How to Rent and RV and How to Find an RV Campsite are two articles that could be particularly helpful.

  3. Default Camping Reservations

    You can make reservations in Yellowstone and at Rushmore through Xanterra. I would make those reservations as soon as possible. Keep in mind, though, that there are also a lot of State Parks in the areas that you're going to. In my experience, most State Parks are first-come-first-served, but they don't tend to fill up like the National Parks and the KOA/Good Sam type parks RV parks. We RV'd in Alaska and everybody told me that we would have a hard time getting into campgrounds, but I never found that to be the case. A lot of times people will make reservations and then never show up. Maybe we just got lucky.

    We're going to be doing a trip very similar to yours in June, but we're driving up and tent camping. With only 7 days, you won't really have a lot of time for side trips if you're going to try to hit Idaho, Wyoming and South Dakota.

    You mentioned that it's a family trip, but the age of your kids will kind of have to determine the kinds of activities you do. For example, if they are teen-agers, you can take a horseback trip through Yellowstone, but that's not doable with toddlers. My kids like to do museums (mostly I think because they have air conditioning!) so our side trips are mostly local museums. We also like to hit local festivals and fairs which are plentiful in the summer.

    As far as planning, Midwest Michael's links are great. I also like to google newspapers and chamber's of commerce in the areas I'm planning to go. I get a lot of information on restaurants and local activities that way. You've got plenty of time to plan the activities, what you're running out of is time to make your reservations, so that should be done soon!
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