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  1. Default Driving from Oregon to North Carolina over Christmas!


    My husband and I will be moving to North Carolina from Oregon in a few days. Someone told us we should drive South and take California down, then cut over on the southern route, but in doing some research, I read this was a rookie's mistake because you pass over even more mountains. We are planning on going the northern route and doing what google maps tells us to do: I-84 E to I-80 E. We are concerned about driving through Idaho, Utah, and Wyoming since we have never been there before and we will be traveling in a Jetta packed with things. I went to the Library and checked out books on each state so I could make a list of all the roadside attractions, hotels and eateries to make our trip fun. We have made this trip before from NC to Las Vegas traveling the southern roads, but never to the north. We purchased chains and will be checking road cams and weather reports, but we are still a little worried. Does anyone have any suggestions, warnings, advice, or encouragement? Also, what do you think about traveling on Christmas eve and day? We would really appreciate it!

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    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    It is a common mistake to presume that heading South would guarantee that you won't see winter weather. Adding hundreds of miles to a trip also puts you on the road for longer and therefor increases the odds of coming across a winter storm while travelling. Interstates are a priority to keep clear and open for traffic, but in the event of a winter storm it's sometimes just best to pull off the road for a few hours, or for the night, and let it pass while the road crews do their job. As the North is more used to the conditions, they have more experience and equipment to deal with these situations than the crews in the South who are less geared up for it.

    Your best course of action would be to get road and weather reports prior to leaving [and while on the road] and make informed decisions about your route and plans then. I would say the most important aspect is having the time available so that you don't feel the need to push on when perhaps you shouldn't be. Depending on your start and finish points you would need a minimum of 5 days with no disruptions, if you are planning on making it a "fun trip" and doing a little sight seeing on the way then I would allow at least a week. This would give you time to sit tight if need be due to poor weather, and if it's kind see more sights.

    Have a great trip !

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    Thanks for the advice Southwest Dave! We will take our time for sure.

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