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    Default Possible road trips from chapel hill, nc during christmas break

    I am new to the US and live in chapel Hill, NC. I want to take a road trip for around five days during the christmas break. I would much appreciate suggestions. I was thinking of going to Charleston, SC and then on to Florida. Another possiblity I was looking at was New Orleans, but it may require more time. Any kind of suggestions welcome. I and my friend would love to go to hsitoric sites and places of natural beauty. Old style cities and national/state parks are also high on the agenda. I will take this trip with a friend, so its not a romantic tip! And limited budget please.

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    Default Smokey Mountains

    If you don't mind a bit of chilly weather, the Blue Ridge Parkway and the Smokey Mountains National Park is pretty neat during the winter months.

    If you are seeking some warmth -- Key West is hard to beat. And it is an ideal time to go canoeing in the Everglades National Park.

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