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    Heading to Oregon on a Northwestern heading from north carolina in april. Pulling a camper , so, looking for routes without extreem grades. |Are the DeLorme topo books with roads worth the $20/state? Anybody got any suggrestions or links to a free service for this trip planning?

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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    This site is a great tool to help with planning a cross country trip. Between the forum and the Planning Articles, you can find a wealth of information here. However, if you are looking for to actually plan the details of your entire trip for you, you'll probably have to pay a full service travel agency.

    What's the point of this trip? Is it for a vacation, or do you just need to get from point a to point b?

    The Delorme Gazetters are great if you plan to really get off the beaten path. I known the Wisconsin edition, and I use it quite frequently to find some really out of the way places, but they really aren't very practical for cross country trip planning. If anything they are just going to get you into trouble, by showing you roads that you won't want to use while pulling anything.

    If you are really concerned about steep grades, stick to the Interstates. They are designed for cross country truck traffic, with limits on the grades and sharpness of curves built into the design of the roads.

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    Default Benchmark is the way to go in the West

    Quote Originally Posted by philcapper View Post
    re the DeLorme topo books with roads worth the $20/state?
    DeLorme's mapping tends to be excellent in the northeast and less accurate in the west. For the money, the best paper atlases for the western states is Benchmark. Here are some of our recommendations for paper maps. We have some reviews about free online mapping & trip planning guides here. One of those not reviewed (yet) is the beta Yahoo.Travel site -- it has some good prospects.


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