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    Cool Some tips

    Go to the RTA Map Wizard Page:

    1. Enter a city – for example: Boston, Massachusetts
    2. Enter a destination: San Francisco, California
    3. Click “Make My Route!”
    4. Click “Find RoadTrip Attractions”
    5. It takes a second or two – but 55 RA’s will pop-up.
    6. Scroll in – or click on any of the flags

    The RTA Map Center Page has a lot of flexibility...

    One thing, you might try..

    Go to the "Add Routes & Places from RTA's Library" section
    Under keyword -- put in a state name, like Colorado -- select places
    Click Keyword search
    It brings up about 16 RA's of various types

    These Library RA's are intended to be used as "points of interest" that members can add to their personal maps.

    We've loaded about 600 RA's into the RTA Library currently, We're hoping that members will create new CUSTOM PLACES and suggest them to RTA to be made into official RTA Library RA's.

    Some more tools--

    Use the radius search:
    1. Search for Both – within 50 miles – Click on the map -- -- try NYC for starters

    Or use Search for “parks” on “Places” – about 165 locations.

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