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    Default winter trip glacier np, yellowstone np, and teton np

    Reccommendations for winter trip. One way either way. Fly in, rent car, fly out. Feb 9-18. Thanks!

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    Default Hope this helps...

    Did a similar trip this fall - We started with Glacier and then went down to Yellowstone and Grand Tetons. Glacier was more impressive to me than Grand Tetons, so it might be nice to save Glacier for the end if you have a choice where to start and end.

    I really enjoyed the Alberta side of Glacier - it's not too far to get to the town of Waterton. It's very beautiful up there. There are little shops and restaurants, but it's not over-touristy (at least it wasn't in Sept. and I doubt it would be in Feb.) Many Glacier is also very pretty.

    We stopped for a night in Butte, MT because it was a nice stop between Glacier and Yellowstone. It was an interesting town. We enjoyed the tour put on by the Chamber of Commerce. If you go, I'd recommend the Uptown Cafe for dinner - really good, reasonably priced 4-course meals. Best food on our trip!

    Have fun!

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    Default snow!!!

    I had visited Yellowstone during Memorial day weekend and it had a lot of snow even then. Also, "Going to the Sun Road" in Glacier does not open until June(If I am not wrong).
    I would opt for the coastal areas of CA or FL.

    Happy Planning!

  4. Default Snow for sure....

    Yellowstone has winter activities that can make a visit there worthwhile -- but I'm not sure about the Tetons or Glacier. Check their websites for information on that -- but my gut feeling is that February may not be the best time to visit those parks (as Cool suggests). Somebody correct me if I am wrong!

    ANother option -- do you like to ski? If so, you could fly into Colorado or Utah for a ski vacation -- Salt Lake City in particular is often underrated in this regard and has excellent facilities and accessibility.

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    Default snow is what we're after!!

    We live in Austin, TX and always go to cold, snowy places when on vacation. 2 years ago we went to Scandinavia at New Year's and had a wonderful time!

    But if nothing is open (including the roads) it might not be a good idea. I've read about the winter activities & services at Yellowstone. In fact, Frommers had a recent insert in their mag recommending Yellowstone for a January/February visit to avoid the crowds.

    I'll try emailing Teton & Glacier, but I hoped would bump into a fellow snowbird here.

    We're not great skiers, but would try! There's also snowshoeing & cross country skiiing....but I'd like to avoid the crowded resorts and the whole see & be seen scene.

  6. Default Be sure to check it out then!

    It won't hurt to spend a little time contacting the other parks to see what is available there in the winter season -- while much of the parks may be closed, (certainly Glacier will be to a great degree) there may still be enough to keep you entertained.

    Grand Canyon is another possibility by the way -- there is quite often snow (but not always), the place will definitely be cold, and the park is open and ready for visitors (except for the North Rim which is closed Oct-May). There's nothing quite as beautiful as the colorful Canyon with a dusting of snow on it.

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