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    Default Need help what's the fastest way from sf, California to Maine

    I'm leave dec 16 and have to be in Maine by christmass is it possible? And wats the fastest way? We are bringing a tent to sleep in and food and we r taking a pries with good gas.

    Thanks Rosey

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    Default Doable.

    Hello and welcome to the RTA forums !

    You should be able to cover the mileage in 6 full day's, leaving you a little leeway in case of any weather disruption. I 80/90 looks to be the quickest way across. Keep an eye on weather and road conditions before and during travel. I hope you have some real good equipment for camping, I don't know that I would fancy it ! With time to set up and pull down camp each day I would allow 7 day's.

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    I-80 to I-90 is normally the most efficient way, BUT in the winter, the stretch of I-80 and I-90 between Chicago and Syracuse is very subject to lake effect snows. You will need to keep abreast of conditions and be prepared to go out of your way.

    I don't think I'd want to camp. In the winter in that part of the country you are going to have a problem finding any open campgrounds, and you will need 4 season gear.

    It's 3200 miles from SF to Portland. Weather and traffic permitting, this is 6 days on the road, driving about 12 hours a day counting gas and rest stops.

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    be interesting to see how much gas you would use? you should fill up in Wyoming before leaving the state I believe the cheapest gas prices. As for sleeping there are a lot of cheap options out there you could either pre book and save online or there are cheap hotels you can stay in that are way out of town, the name escapes me at the moment.

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