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    Default Need Advise on Planning Road Trip from Augusta, Maine to Stockton, California

    Me and my boyfriend are moving to Stockton, CA for a job and are planning to cross country drive sometime last week of Sept. We are planning to complete the trip in 6 days. Any advise on where we can find a guide tool to help us plan ahead what state we will be stopping at, and the best place to eat in that area if we drive around 8 hrs a day? We havent done this before, so any advise would be great.

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    Default no magic

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There isn't a single tool that you can just put in two points and it will spit out everything you might want to know, but there are a lot of ways you can get the information you are looking for - you'll just have to do a little more work on your own.

    The first step is you need to figure out the route you are going to use - certainly google, mapquest, or any of the other online mapping programs can help give you suggestions. Of course the key to this being a roadtrip is that you make the decision - picking the route that looks most interesting to you. The most direct path generally follows I-80, but there are a few variations you could take.

    To do the trip in 6 days on a direct route, you're going to need to travel 500-550 miles every day, which is closer to 9-10 hours a day on the road than 8, but still very doable. Once you have the route, just start breaking it into segments that are about that distance, looking for cities that will fit those criteria (and remember, they don't have to be big cities, most towns of even a few thousand people along the interstates will have a few motels and other traveler services, and often they are much cheaper than big cities).

    Once you've picked your stopping points, you can certainly start researching those places for good places to eat and such - of course remember with restaurants in particular that they can change ownership quite frequently and as such the quality can also change. The key is making sure you're getting your information from the locals.

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    For a start, I used my mapping program to plan the fastest way with 6 equal legs.



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    As the above state - it is doable. I will add a couple of thoughts. You will find that the days are getting shorter, so you should get an early AM departure to avoid driving after sunset. This also means early morning sun is behind you, which lessens fatigue. Also, if it were me I would not schedule overnights - but just stop for the evening when I felt it was time. Also, with this long drive it is important to stop every 2-3 hours to just walk for five to ten minutes.

    Locals in small towns can recommend places to eat. They'll mention their favorite place - maybe a hole in the wall with the greatest local specialty. Chances are that you'll be so tired that any place will satisfy you.

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    Default RTA is getting very close to this "Holy Grail" of road trip planning

    There isn't a single tool that you can just put in two points and it will spit out everything you might want to know,
    RTA engineeers and programmers have been working on such a tool, off and on for about a decade. With a full-court press engaged on this very issue since March, 2010. We won't have every bit of information between two points, but we're going to have quite a bit of road tripping knowledge and lore. We're still on track for a public beta launch around Thanksgiving, but members of the Forum might see earlier versions of the planned beta launch as soon as next month.


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    Thank you all for the advise.

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    This is great info. Thank you.

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    Default Advice from ex-Rochesterian

    My wife suggests Jines Restaurant or South Wedge Diner as good options for food in Rochester.

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