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    My cousin is getting married in New York, so my girlfriend and I are taking this opportunity to road trip across the entire country.

    We plan on taking I-10 across the south to New Orleans, then heading up the East coast to New York.

    On the way home we'll head West across Northern US and down through Colorado back to California.

    Just looking for great places to stop and eat, maybe some fun things to do in towns along the way, ect.


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    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    There are millions of possibilities for stops. To help narrow things down a bit, How long do you have for this trip? What sorts of things are you interested in or what kinds of places do you find to be fun?

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    We've got 4 weeks, 12 days to get there, 16 to get back...

    San Diego, CA-Las Cruces, NM
    Las Cruces, NM-San Antonio, TX
    San Antonio, TX-New Orleans, LO
    New Orleans, LO-Atlanta, GO
    Atlanta, GO-Virginia Beach, VI
    Virginia Beach, VI-Washington, DC
    Washington, DC-New York City, NY
    New York City, NY-Kittery, Maine


    Kittery, Maine-Boston, MA
    Boston, MA-London, CANADA
    London, CANADA-Milwaukee, WI
    Milwaukee, WI-Sioux Falls, MI
    Sioux Falls, MI-Rapid City, SD
    Rapid City, SD-Eagle, CO
    Eagle, CO-Cortez, CO
    Cortez, CO-Flag Staff, AZ
    Flag Staff, AZ-Las Vegas, NV
    Las Vegas, NV-San Diego

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    Wow, this sounds like such a great trip. A few ideas off the top of my head for some cool things to check out. In new orleans go on a ghost tour, some creepy stuff post katrina. Eat some BBQ in the Carolina's you wont regret it! Also D.C in pretty cool for history stuff. Stop in NYC and eat some pizza. Boston is also a nice place to visit (not drive) it's crazy driving there but there is tons to see. Salem is cool because there is alot of stuff related to the witch trials. Salem itself has a dark history and haunted spots. Maine is beautifull along the coast don't miss that. We went on a boat tour in Portland and it was amazing! On the way back you could save a little time by going to Chicago from Boston versus the route stated above. Eat pizza in Chicago, visit Mt. Rushmore, hit a Utah National Park, there is tons for you to do and eat along this trip not to even mention Vegas.

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    That's basically our plan, except we wanted to go through Canada to see Niagara Falls, and then take a ferry across Lake Michigan.

  6. Default Key tip: road trip entertainment

    Most of the tips you will get here will be about what to do outside of the car here's one for inside while driving. Don't overlook road-trip entertainment--Music and other. I personally like road trip mixes interspaced with comedy. If you have an ipod itunes has a bunch of pre-made mixes. There are too many actually so look for ones with comedy. Anyway, just a tidbit.

  7. Default Va Beach

    I've driven to and from VA Beach & New York City about 20 or 30 times. I love to take Rt. 13 (sometimes turns into 1) thru the DelMarVa. You will also get to take the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and Tunnel- with is about 22 miles long and SOOO amazing during sunset. Another bonus- no DC or Baltimore traffic.

    -Chesapeake Bridge toll
    -when the speed limit goes down to 25 or 30-- there is usually a cop sitting there waiting to give you a ticket. Just wait 2 or 3 minutes and the speed limit will go up again. Not worth a ticket.
    -There are traffic lights- it's not a big highway- but there are some cool crab shacks, old buildings, etc. along the way.

    I'm from NY and I remember one trip I said to my boyfriend at the time, "hey there is cotton on the road". He was like "I don't think so". After about 15 minutes we pass this OLD pickup truck with tons of cotton in the back... piece by piece falling onto the roadside. I thought "only in Virginia".

    You could take 95 thru DC and Baltimore- but from my experience it is more miles, takes about the same amount of time and you can hit killer traffic. Route 13 to me is so stress free and easy.

    Good luck and have fun-

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