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  1. Default Driving from Washington, DC to Los Angeles in November

    My son is in college in LA. We are planning to drive our car from DC to LA during the Thanksgiving break. I will do most of the driving. My son just got his license and will drive only the stretches with little traffic. Which is the best route to avoid wintery weather? How long would it take?

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    The drive will take you 5 days, driving about 10 hours a day - which is our recommended maximum for a cross-country trip. The best route is normally I-66/I-81/I-40/I-15, but check the weather before you go and continue checking it on the way across. Recommended overnight stops:

    Knoxville TN
    Little Rock AR
    Amarillo TX
    Holbrook or Winslow AZ

    Allow a 6th day if you get delayed by weather or have to take a longer alternate route.

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