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  1. Default Driving from LA to Chicago in November: Need Advice Please


    I am planning on moving to Chicago so I'll be driving from Los Angeles to Chicago sometime between the 15th-30th of November. I am doing the trip alone and I would really appreciate suggestions on routes, stopping points etc. I've never done a long road trip before.

    My concern was given the time of the year, weather conditions/ etc, what route should I take. I am driving a 2001 honda accord coupe, its in good shape. I'm not under any time restriction but i would like to get to chicago in 3-4 days and also see some cool/scenic stuff on the way there and make it a memorable trip!

    Would appreciate any suggestions/advice that you can share! Thank You!


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    Default reality of the road

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    You really need 4 days just to make this trip at a responsible pace. Even that will require you to be on the road for 10 hours a day. You'll be able to make some quick stops at things close to your route, but you really won't have time to go too far off the main route. That also assumes you don't have any significant weather delays. If you really want to see things and have time to explore more than what's right off the highway, then I'd recommend at least a 5th day.

    Your 3 basic choices for route are to take I-40, I-44, and I-55, following the path of route 66 through OK City and St. Louis. Your other options are to go up I-15 and then take either I-70 across through Denver going through the spectacular rocky mountains, or continuing up to Salt Lake City, and taking I-80 east.

    Any or all of the routes could see winter weather in November, but there just is no telling at this point what the conditions will be like during the specific time you will be traveling.

  3. Default Driving from LA to Chicago in November: Need Advice Please

    Thanks Midwest Michael for your response. I can stretch the trip to 5 days and if really necessary then 6 days. I am leaning towards the I 80 route and I've never been to the grand canyon so I'd like to do that even if its a slight detour. can you suggests any other must see on this route and and suggestions for places to stop. also, what is the best place to stay/stop prior to going to the colorado rockies?


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    Default more than slight

    I think you really need to get out your map here. The grand canyon is more than a "slight" detour from I-80. You're talking about a couple hundred miles off of that path. Even if you take I-40 which goes near the Grand Canyon, you'll basically need that 5th day to just to drive there and see it.

    I'll also note that I-80 doesn't go through Colorado, so I'm a bit puzzled about your response there.

    Once we've got a better idea about what you are thinking, then we can probably be of more help.

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    midwest michael,

    sorry for the confusion and i apologize for the typo. i am leaning towards your suggestion of the I70 route through the colorado rockies. i've scrapped the idea of doing the grand canyon on this trip. so assuming im looking to spend 5days, i wantedto get your advice on how to break up the trip by day in terms where you recommend i stop overnight and what sights/places are worth seeing on this route. once again sorry for the earlier confusion and appreciate your feedback.


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    Fastest way from LA to CHI is via I-15/I-70/I-76/I-80. It's 2000 miles and a reasonable 4 day drive unless you hit bad weather. With one extra day, you need to decide what you want to see that's near that route and will be accessible during that timeframe.

    Perhaps you could go through Zion and Bryce Canyon, spending maybe 2 to 3 hours in each park. Spend the first night outside Zion, maybe in the town of Springdale. Spend the next night outside of Bryce - at Ruby's or in the town of Panguitch. Next 2 stops would be the Denver area and Omaha area.

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    Default Another option.

    Following glc's suggested route with 5 day's I too would head for Springdale and have a little time in Zion but then head for either the Moab/Arches or Grand junction/Colorado NM area for night two. A look around and then to Idaho Springs/Golden area for night 3 before heading to the Omaha area and then to Chicago on days 4 and 5. If you can grab a day 6 then I would do so, with both hands !

    Have a great trip !

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