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    Hello Everyone.

    I need some advice. I need to drive from Albany, NY to San Diego, CA. I would like to do this is 4-5 days, driving 10-12 hours a day, math says it is possible.

    Is there anyone who has done this who can give me the best route, and maybe some places to avoid?


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    You are looking at a 5 day trip. You need to add 20% to computer generated drive times, they don't ever have to stop for anything and drive at the speed limit regardless of traffic or construction areas.

    Fastest way is I-90/I-80/I-76/I-70/I-15. Try to avoid the major metros near rush hour (Buffalo, Cleveland, Chicago, Denver, LA). If you have an EZ-Pass, bring it, it will be accepted on the NY Thruway, Ohio Turnpike, Indiana Toll Road, and Illinois Tollway.

    You should look at overnights near Toledo OH, Des Moines IA, Fort Morgan CO, and Richfield UT.

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