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    Default San Diego - New York


    So I need to go to NY for some business around the middle of October and I need to drive. I've made the trip before, but it's been a few years now. I plan on doing the whole thing in about 15 -20 days (5 going, 5 in NY and 5 coming back). Obviously I'll take it slower if need be. I'm not sure yet if I'll have another driver or not. Any and all comments and advice would be helpful.

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    Default Not a problem

    Generally it's five days from coast to coast at a comfortable pace, so you don't have a problem there. Are you interested in making any significant stops along the way?

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    Default No real set plan.

    I didn't have any stops intended along the way. I just wanted to have enough time in case I spontaneously decided to do something. I want to just have some time where nothing is set in stone save the date I need to be back. (Nov 11). It should be a great relaxer after a 7 month tour out here.

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    Default Route 66

    Hey, do the old Mother Road some of the way.

    You can always get on and off the interstates easily as they follow closely along the old road.

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