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    Default New York to San Diego


    I'm from Ireland and just last night have decided to attend next years Comic Con in San Diego. But I intend on doing so the long way by driving from New York [maybe Delaware or Pennslyvania].
    How much time should I give myself for such a trip at a nice handy pace, seeing the sights along the way?
    It's called route 66, right?
    Thanks in advance.

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    Default The Basics

    Céad Míle Fáilte! Welcome aboard the RoadTrip America Forums!

    To get across the continent at a reasonable pace with a few mind and body stretches during the day, I'd leave 5-6 days just for the driving. If you want to stop and really see things along the way, time to do that will have to be in addition. You can start wherever you get the best airfare deal. Your best chances include Boston, New York, Philadelphia and Washington. Delaware does not have an international airport. Depending on your arrival city, there are any number of routes that follow major highways. The principal ones are I-90, I-80, I-70, I-40 and I-10. (See the pattern?) The famous US-66 has been decommissioned and even when it existed started in Chicago. The actual pavement and some of the old diners, motels, and gas stations are still out there and you can still drive parts of the road, but it will not be your principal route.


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    hey, thanks. are you a bit Irish yourself?

    dang to the news of route 66. has it been torn up and most it actually gone?

    would the interstates you mentioned take us to similar places that 66 would have? its those diners, gas stations and heartland America that we want to see.

    basing my facts on roadtrip movies, are the likes open deserts scenery of ROADKILL and BREAKDOWN replaced by what I see in LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE?

    perhaps someone can suggest a more interesting route for us to take.

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    Default still possible, sort of

    Route 66 was decommissioned in the early 80's, and many stretches of the road have simply been replaced. However, there area still parts of the road that you can take - some which are signed better than others, and some that are in better shape than others. Many of the old diners and mom and pop hotels are still around, and thousands of people still follow the path of the old road. There are lots of resources on this site to help you if you want to stick to the "old" sections of route 66, including this field report and an entire page in the planning section.

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    I've done some looking about the net.
    perhaps I'm a bit thick -
    route 66 was decomissioned and some replaced
    - but I understand that to mean the same journey can still be made along the old route with some alterations but it still essentially route 66
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    Default It's (mostly) all in your mind

    It's sorta like the Wizard of Oz, if you believe in it with enough force of will, you can almost believe that Route 66 still exists. Here is an excellent way to visualize and travel Route 66 in a virtual way -- you can also see how much work it is to actually drive it in the real world. Yes, you can do it, but it takes a lot of back-tracking and investigative work on your part.

    You can easily drive those sections that sign-posted, but if you wanted to actually use it as a route -- gotta develop some patience!


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    thanks. I understand now.

    is there another interesting route to take?

    what would you guys recommend?

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    Default All routes are interesting

    I could easily give you 100 different routes connecting New York with San Diego. But here's one -- follow the very first transcontinental highway ever built. It was called the Lincoln Highway. It ran from Manhattan to San Francisco and some portions of it were never paved (in fact, they still exist as dirt roads) -- here is a book and more information about this very early highway!


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    Default Route 66 Modern & Easy Version

    Quote Originally Posted by journeyman View Post
    thanks. I understand now.

    is there another interesting route to take?

    what would you guys recommend?
    Lincoln Highway would be good. But if you want to travel through the American Southwest and cover ground that Route 66 covered, you can still do it quite easily. Just take I-40. Some parts of I-40 are exactly parallel to parts of old Route 66. Some parts are the same (although this is more rare). And some parts are only a few miles off.

    Many of the same towns that Route 66 used to go directly through are still there. You just visit them now by exiting the interstate. In fact, many of the main streets in these towns are what is left of the original Route 66. Sometimes they're clearly marked and easy to find to drive.

    And much of the kitsch that was part of the character of old Route 66 is still there. You will see kitschy billboards for trading posts and other oddities that you can still visit. Many of these have been open since the heyday of Route 66 and are original to that time.

    So, really, you can still enjoy the Route 66 experience without researching every bit of original road left and driving on it. I've only driven the parts of I-40 through Arizona and New Mexico. I was able to easily find parts of the real, old Route 66 without doing any research via signs. And, in those cases, I would leave the interstate to follow the old road for awhile. It was fun to do that but I would have enjoyed the trip and felt I had gotten a great taste of the Route 66 Experience even if I had mainly stayed on the interstate. But, then again, I've never been much of a purist. :)

    So if I-40 takes you through the part of the country you want to see, don't let the fact that it's not the real Route 66 anymore discourage you.

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    I'm going to have try get some friends on this.

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