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  1. Default NYC ---> Miami via New Orleans - 2 weeks one way

    Hey everyone!

    I've just joined looking for advice on this trip. I'm new to the US so I'm going to drive with a friend or two down to Miami from NYC where I currently live.

    We've got two weeks to make the trip down but we want to spend at least 3 of those nights in Miami.

    Could people recommend the must see spots on the way down please?!

    We are thinking we'd like a mixture of countryside/culture with quite a bit of partying (we're both late twenties)

    So far we're thinking, Philly, maybe Atlantic city for a night or two, DC, then we're not sure until New Orleans.

    Where should we go after DC? Also like wise, what about after New Orleans?

    Being new to the US I have no idea of scale and just how far apart places are. Is the route achievable in the time? I am guessing so...

    Many thanks in advance for the pointers.


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    Default Welcome!

    Welcome to the RoadTrip America Forum!

    Your time is sound - it's only a couple days trip between NYC and Miami, so three weeks total gives you plenty of time to get around.

    The mountains of Virginia and Kentucky, some of my favorite places, are in your path. There certainly wouldn't be any city life partying in those areas, but if you're looking for a couple of days to spend out in the country and to relax a bit, I couldn't think of a better place to be.

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    Go from NYC to Atlantic City, then to Philly. Then you can go to DC via Baltimore. From there, go out I-66 to I-81 and head for Knoxville, Nashville, and Memphis. You will have plenty of countryside and mountains to look at going that way. From Memphis, then you can head to New Orleans. From there, take I-10 to either I-75 or I-95, depending on whether you want to go down the gulf or the ocean to get to Miami.

  4. Default One way car hire - NY to Miami, need to find cheaper, please help if you can


    Well me and my friend were planning on driving from NY to Miami over two weeks one way but car rental is so expensive!

    The cheapest I've found is about $1400 with dollar car. I've tried the main comparison sites.

    Does anyone know of a cheaper option? I had no idea rentals would cost so much for one way!

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    Default just keep looking

    While that price does seem a little high, the reality is that prices for car rentals - especially one way - are set based on supply/demand and do change quite frequently based on those conditions. If they've already got more cars than they want in Florida (an considering the number of cars that move between FL and NY that's quite possible) they will likely keep the cost up.

    Really, the only thing we can tell you is to keep looking and maybe you'll find a better deal. I'd also look at trying different combinations of dates and pick-up/drop off locations (frequently, picking up in New Jersey can be much cheaper than NY for example.) If possible, even look at reversing your trip, so you go from Florida to New York.

    Those really are the best bets for finding a better deal - but even there, its possible you won't do much better.

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