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  1. Default Miami to New Orleans!

    Hi Everyone!! Next weekend 3 friends and I are driving from Miami to New Orleans for the LSU vs UF game.
    We're driving up I-95 from to Miami to Jacksonville the first day.
    Then across I-10 from Jacksonville to New Orleans the next day.

    We're looking for some fun stops along the way that are very close to the interstate so we can just hop off for a quick break and a few pictures. Maybe some kitchy roadside attractions or unique places? Mostly we love pictures and want some cute photo opportunities! lol

    Any ideas?

    Also suggestions for unique must-see places in New Orleans and Baton Rogue are welcome!!


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    Miami to Jax is about a 6 hour drive with minimal stops, so you have plenty of time to play with there. However, Jax to NO is closer to 10 hours, so you will have to be more judicious with your plans.

    If you are foodies, a "must stop" is Lambert's Cafe in Foley AL, the home of the "throwed rolls". For about $20 each including tax and tip, you will get more food than you can eat and have a blast. However, expect long lines, and they do NOT take plastic.

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