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    Default New Orleans to Miami

    Myself and a friend are visiting New Orleans for the 2007 Mardi Gras in Feb. We then plan to hire a car and drive all the way to Miami, which is 1038 miles (1670 kilometres) I have given myself 17 days to do this distance with a few stop off's. Is this enough time?

    I have been doing a bit of research on the internet and there is so much to see and do I really dont know where to start. Are there any really outstanding places I should stop at and any that I should avoid?

    Also can I get onto the Creole Nature Trail easily from New Orleans?

    Any advise would be gratefully received. Thank you.

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    You have plenty of time to do the journey you contemplate. The gulf coast is not my area of expertise, but one stop I would make would be the white sand beaches of the Panama City (FL) area. I understand they are among the nicest anywhere. Around New Orleans, I also wouldn't miss an antebellum plantation tour or two -- and a Cajun "baile" if you can find one (a dance, pronounce "biley").

    For the Creole Parkway, take I-10 west to almost the Texas border and turn onto it at Sulphur. It is a loop that arcs down through Cameron and back up to Lake Charles. It's not on your way to Miami though... Bob

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    Default Warning about Cameron & Calcasieu Parishes

    It hasn't been in the news very much (overshadowed by Katrina and N.O.), but most of Cameron Parish is destroyed and Calcasieu Parish (this is Sulphur, Lake Charles, etc) was heavily damaged by Rita. My sister goes to school in Lake Charles and said the damage is unbelievable (don't get me started on McNeese reopening 7 weeks after the hurricaine with 40 buildings destroyed or severely damaged and still demanding that the students finish the semester on time).

    It will probably be ok by next year for travel, but she said that there are hardly any trees left in Lake Charles, so I imagine that there are very few in Cameron. Cameron is south of Calcasieu, therefore, was much more heavily damaged.

    But, N.O. to Miami. 17 days is more than enough. I've driven from N.O. to New Smyrna Beach, Florida (about midway through the state) in 18 hours. Granted we didn't stop and see anything. I checked the other day and Oak Alley and Laura Plantations (take the Gramercy exit West of N.O. from I-10) are fine and are must sees. If your are heading towards Lake Charles anyway, stop in Lafayette. Just south of Lafayette is New Iberia where Shadows on the Teche is and the Avery Island Tabasco production plant gives tours (not sure about damage through there). Try the jalapeno ice cream!!

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