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    Hello Everyone,

    My 13,14 two daughters, my wife and I are planning to go to road trip for 75 days.
    We have been living in the US just for 3years, so we don,t know much about where we should go to see or to do.
    We are going to start on June 19th and have a grand canyon backcountry permit starting on July 28 which means we must be in Grand canyon by july 27th, so we have about 40days before grand canyon and about 35 days after grand canyon.
    Our first plan was:
    Boston - Philadelphia - Skyline drive(Shenandoah Forest) - Blue ridge park way - Nashville - Jackson - New orleans - Austin - San Antonio - Big Bend NP - Carlsbad Caverns NP - White Sand NP - San Diego - Los Angeles - San Francisco - Red Wood NP - Yosemite NP - Kings Canyon NP - Sequoia NP - Death Valley NP - Las Vegas -


    - Monument Valley - Some Navajo Village - Alberquerque - Santa fe - Silverton - Canyon land NP - Salt Lake City - Yellow Stone NP - Heading to boston for about 10days.

    Is my plan reasonable for 75 days?
    Do you have any suggestion?
    Are there any places that we should go to see?

    Thanks in advance

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    75 days is plenty of time for doing all that and more. I'd recommend you add the rest of the southern Utah parks to your itinerary - especially Zion and Bryce Canyon. You may want to go through Mount Rushmore and the Badlands on your way back from Yellowstone to Boston.

    I see you have a mixture of cities and nature on your list - other cities you may want to add that are along your route are Washington DC and Chicago.

    Buy a National Parks pass at the first park you come to (that would probably be Skyline Drive) - it's $80, good for a year, and will admit your whole car to any fee-based national park or monument. It will not cover camping fees, but it will get you discounts on some things in some parks.

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    75 days is a great amount of time for a trip like this.

    One change to your current routing that you might consider is rather than going from White Sands up to Albuquerque, then spend a good chunk of time in Colorado and Utah, then hit the Grand Canyon and go onto California, up the coast, and then across the northern tier of states.

    Obviously, with the Grand Canyon having some date specific elements, you'll have to play with things to get it to work just right, but that would save you quite a bit of backtracking from the list you'd laid out.

    BTW, did you ever do your Alaska Trip?

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