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  1. Default Need Help on Summer Road Trip Routes!! Sacramento - Boston and Back

    I am planning a road trip this summer, not sure yet who i will be with. I will proabably end up doing some of it alone. I am looking for some tips on where to stop, and the best routes to take. I want to start here is Sacramento and go down to LA mostly on the PCH then continue through the south, stopping in Abq., NM on the way. I want to explore the southern states a little. Definately Arkansas, Alabama, New Orleans, Tenn. and Kentucky. I am a baseball lover so i am hoping to stop at stadiums along the way. I need to get up to Boston, DC, and hopefully Chicago so i was woundering if anyone has any ideas for routes so i dont end up backtracking the whole time.
    I would appriciate the Help, ThANKS!

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    Default A Big Loop

    Welcome to the RTA Forum!

    It would certainly seem like you can cover this ground in a big loop without any backtracking. I'd focus on I-40 to Little Rock or Memphis, then cut down to NOLA. Then you can start working diagonally back up towards boston using I-59 and I-81.

    Then when you head back, you can take a more direct path through Chicago using I-80 and perhaps I-70 if you have the time.

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